A Day of Horror

Maddu returned from the departmental elections for the Class convener depressed and totally psyched. The reason, A.K. was elected the Class Convener! OMG! OMFG! People have gone totally crazy; Poltu has crossed its limits! Lucky I am no way related to it. The worse thing was he won unanimously, a totally unpredicted result. Poor Maddu was totally distraught.

But anyways keeping poltu aside, we went on to watch horror movies. The 1st one was Alone in the Dark, although it has a 2.0 rating on IMDB, it had some cool effects, no plot but it had Tara Reid in it!. Yum!. Directors have to stop making movies based on video games, this is a very good example showing how bad that can turn out to be.
When I went back to my room, the Ring 2 torrent finished downloading. The word spread and people flocked in to watch. It was goooood. I never expect much with sequels so I was surprised by this one. While it is not as good, or original as the first movie, it is no slouch and far better than the last horror movie I saw.

A few days ago, I read, a movie was in production based on Doom III, starring Johnson aka The Rock(WWF). At that time I was all happy, but Alone in the Dark has changed my perspective, now I just hope they dont screw it up, “Alone in the Dark style”. It can either be as scary as Ring or as stupid as Alone in the Dark, we just have to wait and see. Doom 3 had a plot on the lines of Half life 1 but it was the scariest game ever.

More info on the Doom movie here :
The Rock solidifies Doom movie role

Quote of the Day:
I’ve learned something, too: selling out is sweet because when you sell out, you get to make a lot of money, and when you have money, you don’t have to hang out with a bunch of poor asses like you guys. Screw you guys, I’m going home.Eric Cartman

Tango Charlie

As I wanted to cherish all of the Mid Sem, I went on a sleep marathon. When I woke up Namo had taken his speakers and his mouse, leaving me with my old crap. That was the moment I decided, I had to concentrate on my acads, but something happened, an IM window opened saying “aoe??”
After a quick aoe session, we decided to end Mid-Sems with a movie. We opted for “Tango Charlie”, impressed by its cast. People make mistakes. The movie was complete hogwash, adding insult to injury we had to watch it from 10 feet in front of the screen, but still we ended up having fun.

When I returned to my room, There were people waiting to play AoE, (practice for our games with IITK) we ended up playing some good games. As usual we analyzed and put a stop to aoe for today.

Then I came across a post on Wareznet about Firefox plug-ins, as I had nothing to do, I immediately started research on Plug-ins. It was 4 AM at this point, since there was no point in sleeping at that time, I went on to research more on RSS feeds and Plug-ins to view RSS feeds. Habari Xenu turned out be the best of all. This slowly led to blogs. It then struck me “I should start a Blog of my Own!”

After a long setup procedure, configuring everything, I finally created my own blog!, and this was the post for today.

OMG, This might be the 1st time that I had typed so much content on my own!

Quote of the Day:
The world isn’t fair. I do everything people ask me to. I stand in the lunch line for them, I buy tampons at the store for them, I go on Maury Povich with balls on my chin for them. And yet, nobody accepts me. I am an outcast. A shadow of a man who can find no companion… ship. No love from others. Fine! If I am to be an outcast, so be it! I’m through doin’ what others tell me to do, and I am sick of this world and the stin-, and the stinky people in it! From now on I will dedicate my life to bringing chaos to the world that has rejected me! I will become the greatest supervillain the world has ever seen! Where I go, destruction will follow! Professor Chaos (2002)