Oh man! Designing a unique website is fking difficult! I have been trying since morning to make a unique template but I cant get the standard 2 column layout out of my head! I need a brainwash! If I continue like this there wont be any hair left on my head! I’m off to sleep, for the sake of my hair! OMG is just too difficult! x(

Quote of the Day :

Cartman: Well, Kyle, appreciate you being so open with me about this, but as we know, you have a warped perception of reality because you’re jewish.

Man of the Match

It was a bright sunny saturday, all was going well untill we decided to play a cricket match on our college grounds. Everyone was ready, but there was one problem, 2 other departments also wanted to play each other on the same ground at the same time. Somehow managed and gain ed rights to play. Also, some people got involved in a small oral fight, but were subdued quickly.

Play commenced, the opposition (IT Dept) were batting first. After a few loose overs, our blowling tightened and they were restricted to a chasable 101 (16 overs). The score was 73 at the end of 9 overs but tight bowling restricted them to score only 30 runs in the next 7 overs. As for me, my ankle was not healed and I was stationed behind the wicket keeper, the 3rd man, or whatever that position is called. I just had to stop the ballz that went past the keeper. Thanks to the elite skills of our wicket keeper “Avinash” I didnt have much work to do. I just stood under the tree shade throughout the innings.

With 100 runs to chase our batsmen went on to the field (At this point the bats we were supposed to play with were completely useless, ones handle was broken and the other kept throwing wooden chips everytime it hit the ball). Soon a couple of them were back and the captain, Abhinav was in, everything stablized and it was almost a sureshot victory, but all of a sudden everyone was out and at the stage where we needed 3 runs I had to go in, I was the last wicket, plenty of overs were left. My heart was beating faster than the time I did a 45min workout on a crosstrainer. I went in as the runner, 2 runs were scored quicly. I was at the crease, my only job was NOT to get out!, seems simple but I haven’t batted since my 10th class. It was the last ball in the over, I had to stop the ball no matter what; it came quickly at me, I put the bat to stop it, to my dismay it just beat me and went through the gap between the bat and the pad. I was in shock for a second as they were appealing for a caught behind wicket. NOT OUT! yay!. Next over, 1st ball, a “Late cut” bt Vishal gave us the last run needed and It was victory again! I then declare myself the Man of the Match, common, I saved thier asses!

Celebrations all over. But soon we faced yet another problem, trasnportation. No jeeps no busses nothing. After waiting for a while one jeep finally came to the rescue, but with people already in it. We were 12, it was one jeep. With no mercy whatsoever on the jeep, all of us somehow managed to fit in with 3 on the roof 4 on the bonet 3 behind, hanging from the footrest and 1 hanging from the side and the rest inside. I was sitting on the bonet, and my ass soon was as hot as burning coal, 2.7kms @ 20kmph. It was hot!! but fun!. A great new experience.

Pic of my buddy sankalp hanging from the side of the jeep which i captured while sitting on the hot bonet 😀

Quote of the Day :

Cartman: You have rats in your house, too, Kenny?
Kenny: Mm-hm.
Cartman: Seriously, you better stop being so poor or else I’m gonna start huckin’ rocks at you.


For you people who have gay DNS servers like the ones that belong to my isp, ones which dont resolve addresses of even the sites you know for sure, exist. I’ve got this small idea which works.

First off, we need an online DNS service. A site which can resolve addresses using its own connection. I have chosen The simplest way to get the ip address is to go to the site and put in the host name in the ping box. But if you have to resolve addresses frequently, there is a better option which uses firefox or any other browser for that matter.

  1. In Firefox, goto Bookmarks >> Manage Bookmarks
  2. Click on Create a new bookmark button
  3. Type in whatever name you want in the Name and Description fields.
  4. In the location field put this “” without quotes.
  5. And for The keyword, you can put anything you want, for the sake of easy understanding better type in “ping”, again without the quotes.
  6. Thats it! now to test, in the address bar type this
  7. If you have done it all right, you must end up with this.
    Webping example
  8. Now that everything has worked out fine, Its time to tell the computer where to go when you hit that address. Open up your ‘hosts’ file, located in “c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” with any text editor, prefreably notepad.
  9. Add the ip address and the hostname separated by a tab-space next to the default entries. Remember each new entry should be on a new line and the tab-space is a must. Save it!.
    My hosts file looks like this….
    Image hosting by Photobucket
  10. All done! Now just type in the normal address in any browser and you will be take to that site.

PS. Thanks to Arvind for teaching me how to create such bookmarks using the %s directive. What happens is, the %s is replaced by the string you type in after the keyword and the formatted url is then submitted.

Quote of the Day :

Arvind: NEW FOUND GLORY — ( Head on Collison Lyrics )
Arvind: u have that song?
TheScarletCars: nope
Arvind: found that song in a porn clip
TheScarletCars: lol
Arvind: ripping it frm that clip and and adding it to my collection
TheScarletCars: rofl!
TheScarletCars: pervert!

Halo Update

Thats it, yesterday around 9 I finished Halo, at ‘Heroic’ level. I must say, its one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever played. It just an amazing game, everythig is perfectly balanced, the enemies, weapons. Coz of this I had to edit my “Best games ever List”. Heres the updated list.

  1. Quake III Arena
  2. Age of Empires (AOC)
  3. Halo
  4. Half Life
  5. Call of Duty
  6. Need for speed Most Wanted
  7. Call of Duty 2
  8. Farcry
  9. Half Life 2
  10. Need for Speed Underground
  11. F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assaunt Recon)
  12. Claw
  13. Counter-Strike
  14. Serious Sam
  15. Max Payne

Yes! it deserves the 3rd Spot!

Also, One thing I have never realized is that the song’s “Fatboy Slim – Fucking in Heaven” lyrics have the phrase “Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven” reapeated some 70 times and nothing else!! rofl!

Firefox…. My Firefox

Generated: Wed Feb 22 2006 20:22:33 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060111 Firefox/
Build ID: 2006011112
Enabled Extensions: [21]

  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater
  • Adblock Plus
  • Add Bookmark Here 0.5.5
  • AJAX Yahoo! Mail [Viamatic WebMail++] 0.5
  • autoHideStatusbar 0.3.2
  • ColorZilla
  • CuteMenus – Crystal SVG
  • 1.1
  • deviantART : Koh33 Extension 0.3
  • Download Manager Tweak 0.7.1
  • Extended Statusbar 1.2.4
  • Fasterfox 1.0.3
  • Findbar Basics 1.2.08
  • FlashGot
  • Gmail Manager
  • Leet Key 1.3.1
  • MR Tech Local Install
  • SearchPluginHacks 0.1.3
  • Sourceforge Direct Download 0.4
  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Yahoo! Photos Easy Upload Tool 2005.10.12

    Installed Themes: [4]

  • Azerty III 2.0
  • Crystal Dream 1.0.2
  • Firefox (default)
  • Qute 3.0.4

    Installed Plugins: (10)

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft® DRM
  • Mozilla Default Plug-in
  • QuickTime Plug-in 7.0.3
  • RealPlayer Version Plugin
  • RealPlayer(tm) G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit)
  • Shockwave Flash
  • VLC multimedia plugin
  • Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library
  • Yahoo Application State Plugin

    This is the current state of my firefox customization. I tried hundreds of extensions available but this is the list of what I’m using right now. All these make firefox an almost perfect browser. I would still suggest Opera for speed but if you want it the way you want it.. Firefox is the only option.

    Screenshot :
    Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Qoute of the Day :

    Sheila (Kyle’s mom): Just remember what the MPAA says: Horrific, deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don’t say any naughty words!

    fkin cool

    man! Iron Maiden fking rocks! I fking love “The thin line between love and hate”. They are fking good.
    Halo fking rules! Banshee dog-fights are fking awesome. The flood is fking annoying so are the covenants. fking hippies. I’m going to fking finish it in 2 more days.. its fking tough playing at Veteran level.
    Writing lab records fking sucks. The whole record funda itself is fking ballz.
    I fking love my life.

    Quote of the day :

    Stan: Hey, do you know where I can find the clitoris?
    Cartman: What is that like finding Jesus or something?

    Sprained ankle and The Cave

    I was woken up at 0700hrs in the morning, on a day which could have easily been my sleep compenstaion day (The day I compensate for my late night adventures by sleeping as long as possible) by a friend, who, last night somehow convinced me to play a cricket match at the college grounds. Their plan was to reach coll by 0930hrs and start the match 1000hrs, but it all crumpled when some players didnt show up and also, most of us didnt have any bikes or cars. Relying on the RTC we finally reached the grounds around 1130hrs. The match started somewhere around 1200 and it was all going fine, then I sprained my ankle bad :(. Was in the field for another 2-3 overs but couldn’t continue, back to pavilion. Regardless, we won the match. Excellent batting performance lead us to a easy victory \/.

    Comming home, even though I was limping bad, I was asked to go to a marriage function. I’m the only driver in da house and so watever may be my condition I have to take people where ever they want me to take them :|. aka Driver bratuku. I could do nothing but take them there, and the worst part, I was limping all time, all over the hall and everyone kept asking “wtf happened” …. blah blah blah. FSCK! I hate functions/gatherings aaarrgh!!!

    Anyway, I have been driving for the last 8 months and I can call myself an experienced driver. I have more than 5000kms of driving on the M800 (Maruti 800) and now I also have a 100kms exp on an Opel Corsa. Opel corsa.. hmm.. my aunt’s car, which she exchanged with the M800 coz she was going out of station for a while. Cool car, sexy susepsion and leather interiors. :|~~~.

    The movie “The Cave” sucked ballz. Don’t watch it!. All you see are black pixels… its too dark, you can barely see anything. A Gay story and bad direction add to an already fuxed up movie.

    Quote of the Day :

    Cartman: This is killing me. The human body was not meant to move quickly like that.

    I’m a UT 2004 SEMI-FINALIST! YEAH!

    Thanks to the incompetency of some specific number of people, our 1st internal online quizes were cancelled. I was all happy coz I cud finallly MP at IIIT. Multiplayer(MP) gaming rocks.

    The first day, myself and Virat went all the way there to participate. But by the time we reached there on his bike, our asses were numb, it was some 40km journey. As soon as we reached the gaming arena, my ass was fully active and was ready to support me. First up was NFS, the 1st round was easy both of ur cleared it. Then in the 2nd round we both were in the same race and only 2 were to be selected, we were sure that only one would qualify. Luckily using team tactics and helping each other out, he was 1st and I was 2nd, we both qualified. Next was Unreal Tournament 2004, a game I played only for 5 minutes in all my life time. It was viks 2nd round match, sadly he lost to some pro UTer. Soon it was my 1st round, I was put up againt some n00bie player, who sucked more than I did, I won. It was almost lunchtime and we off to eat something, we had a 1/2 biryani and were back to the arena for my UT 2nd round. This time I had to battle another n00bie, I won! lol!. The remaining rounds were on the next day, and since we had nothing else to do we returned home.

    We were a little late the second day, coz I was feeling too sleepy. This time we didnt want our asses to bottleneck our performace, so we went in the car. Again a loooong journey!. As soon as we went we were made to participate in the 3rd round of NFS, we two were again in the same race, we decided to use the same car, the Porche Carrera GT. The race started and right in the 1st turn vik was rammed and his car was flipped, I was running 2nd for a while till I lost complete control over my car and started skidding everywhere. We both lost :( . So much for NFS. It was my UT third round, it was against a IIIT player, I thought I was screwed and didnt care much, but my grenade skill in quake came to the rescue, the only weapon I used in the game was the Flak gun, using the alternate fire and my grenade prediction skills I was able to beat him easily. I was into the 4th round, The Semi-Final!! Too much for a 1st time player :D. Its was unavoidable and I had to play a pro, I was raped, 25-2 was the final score. My position in UT was very bad, I didnt know where the score was, I only knew one map and that was the one I played the day before the first time (some Idoma) and I cud use only the rocket and the flak gun.

    UT ended and soon the big CS matches started, in between all the chaos I saw someone playing AOC, the only game other than Q3A which pushes my concentration to its limits. I asked if I could play, I was allowed to :). It was a 2v2, I forgot everything in AOC too, I was completely unaware of the boar, I realized I had to hunt the boar only when I accidentally saw it on the map :D. hit castle by 20, trained some knights and started the battle, after a while we won! I was happy, my l33t gaming skillz were still in good enough even after an 9month break :D. A happy ending :)

    BTW, Our online tests start again from tomorrow! ROFL! Hope they get it right this time else I’m gonna go crazy.