Monster haunted?

Ok, I should not have written the entry on windows installation lasting that long. Monster almost died just now. At boot up it popped up an error message telling me that the NTFS.sys was corrupt! I didn’t care about that and just hard-rebooted it for 3 times and it worked! It started normally, although it was a long 5 min startup which is a sign of my hard disks failing. Now Firefox doesn’t open, and some apps don’t seem to work coz some of the files are corrupted. I believe this erratic behavior is due to the Copernic Desktop search trashing the drives continuously whenever I left it idle. Just when I thought it was all going well something happens. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with the drives, a file corrupt a second ago gets repaired after 3 reboots? Strange! If anyone knows what the exact problem or the theory behind what’s going on, please do tell me.

I’ve scheduled the windows scandisk to check my drive on the next reboot. That usually solves the problem provided the system boots windows without issues; at least till the scandisk screen appears.


An achivement worthy of posting

(Operating system) Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2), version 5.1.2600 (28 processes running, 169.07MB free RAM, installed 3w 1h 43m 15s ago, 3h 44m 39s uptime, 2d 13h 7m 27s uptime record)


The longest lasting windows installation! 3 Weeks!.
/me hugs Monster :)

Miscellaneous Statistics
-23:27:41- [@cyberdick]: (CPU2) Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz @ 3087MHz (Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 8KNXP mainboard) , 168.77MB free (HDDs) 149GB, 12.3GB free
-23:27:41- [@cyberdick]: (VGA1) NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (256MB), 1280x960x32, 60Hz (OS) Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2), 3h 44m 7s uptime, 2d 13h 7m 27s uptime record

Exam Malaria

Exams again! I’m fed up! It has only been 2 weeks since the last series of exams and its not objective type this time. These exams need preparation from our side. The two possible ways of scoring are a) studying or b) to cheat, later being the simplest and the most used method. A careful analysis of the surroundings and people in the examination hall revealed that cheating may not be feasible. So, I’ve decided to work hard for these tests. But its 2220 now and I are still to open a book, a hectic schedule that I have. You might all be wondering why the hell I’m writing this entry now when I have to be mugging up formulae, well my text book hasn’t arrived yet.

/me waits for his textbook.

This is my first post from MS Word (

Quote of the Day:

Kyle: [The boys are confronted by Afghan soldiers.] Uh, greetings from Canada. Well boys, it’s ‘aboot’ time we get back to our ‘hoose’ in Canada, isn’t it?
Cartman: Hey, what the hell are you talking about? I’m not a Goddamn’ Canandian and neither are you.
Stan: Cartman, you stupid asshole.

Double Paranoia

Two days ago, while I was in a deep deep sleep after a nightout at Blitzkreig, my mom comes running to me, wakes me up and asks me where I did put the cover with the Sony Clie and the iPod headphones. I said “what?”, then she said “its gone! I cant find it”, at that moment I thought she was using her ‘scare you about things you love’ tricks to wake me up. i didnt respond, quietly went back to sleep. (She frequently uses those trick on me and my sis and they really work. For example she comes to me and says “Hey, Why is the laptop making strange electric sounds?” and I jump up no matter how badly I needed sleep. cruel! :(.) I was too busy to bother about the clie at that time.

Yesterday, I got a brand new iPod as a replacement for my old dead one, I needed the headphones, but they were nowhere to be found. I asked mom and she said, “I told you! You lost them somewhere!”. WTF! my brain went blank. I was so busy the last three days I didnt have time to worry about anything other than sleep and gaming. We argued for a while, and then she concludes that I took the cover along with the bag with LAN cables I took for Blitzkreig. Again, WTF! and I argued back telling her that the cover had nothing related to Blitzkreig and I didn’t even know it was on the office table. Arguments continued throughout the day. At one point I lost trust in myself and called up people at blitzkreig to search for a cover with a clie and HPs. No result. I lost hope and settled with the assumption that someone stole it. My luck was so bad that day, losing hope wasn’t the end. “They were stolen” posed a serious security threat! My dad was all fired up. I was pissed but could do nothing.

I decided to conduct an extensive search. The entire ground flood was upsode down, it was nowhere to be found. Next up was my room, I straight away went to the place where I put my mobo accessories, I pulled out a small cover from there and to my surprise. That was it! it had the clie and the HP’s.! But how the hell did they end up there?. My mom? No, coz she was searching all over the place with me. Dad? No, he would tell me to take them away rather than put them there himself. Me? No I was dead busy, all I did was come home around 5 in the morning and sleep. Granny? No. climing up the stairs is a difficult task for her. Sis? Yes! She and her habit of keeping things clean and arranged!! Man! x(. This was not the 1st time, It was a USB mouse once, headphones recently.. cds.. etc etc. I had nothing to say, I just showed my mom the cover and told her where I found them and even she figured out what happened. No one could say anything, she’s having her board exams.

Ah! and Apple support rox!! My shuffle was dead, I needed it desperately as the bus journey to the college was boring. I browsed throught the apple asia site and found two authorized service centers. I then called one and inquired on what the procedure was to get the iPod repaired. They then gave me the apple toll free customer support number. This was the tough part, the people at apple support center made me try and repair the shuffle all by myself, restarted the comp 3 times installed and uninstalled iTunes and iPod updater 4-5 times. After almost an hour of troubleshooting, when nothing worked they gave me a service number and asked me to take the ipod to the local service center and give them the number. I did as told and 3 days later I get a brand new iPod! Awesome!! /me hugs Apple.

Blitzkreig ’06

Dell Optiplex 620 rigs sponsored by ATi

Me trying to do something.


Rear of the Shuttle PC

Shuttle PC.. small eh? Well its, X800XTPE + P4 3.4GHz + 1GB RAM

Cable Mess

Srikant who broke into the lab through a 8″ ventilator, trying to figure out wtf happened to the power supply.

Inuyahsa a.k.a Vaatsav exploring Quake 3

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT 2004!


NFS Most wanted Testing

Age!! Age!! yeah!!

R.K testing systems and installing games.

Vik with his friend playing CSCZ.

Lab 2 (approx. 60systems with CS)

Lab 2

Lab 1, another 60 systems with CS 😀