Donkey thoughts

The fifth round of internals start from tomorrow and because of them I am now back at home. Its not only the exams but the year is ending and it is the time for completing all pending and final works for the year. Oh, man! I have a feeling that the period from now to the last day of the externals is going to suck donkey balls.

As I was watching the south park episode “806 – Wet backs from the Future.rm” there was a power cut, a long one. The iPod is dead and therefore there was nothing to hold my brain in limits, it wandered off.

Is time travel possible at all? Well if it is, at some point of time from now, people would have already traveled through time, from future to the present and inform us about it! Like the wetbacks, he he.

The same applies to the Simulation of Life concept or the Matrix. If we, at all, are capable of a simulation as complex as the Matrix, then maybe we are already in a simulation! Think!

The power comes back, music starts right away, and I turn back to my acads :)

Sunday update

Schumacher is God.
Schumacher >>> Alonso
(The after effect of the 2006 San Marino Grand Prix)

Came home for the weekend as I had to finish all my pending works at any cost. Its literally impossible at my cousins place as there is NO table to do stuff on.

Roaming around in the city on my BJC-80 is fun (the BJC is also known as the “Bajaj Chetak” in some parts of the world). It is an amazing machine I say, 0-60kmph just under 1.5 minutes. With the helmet on and an iPod underneath, it is like MotoGP all over.

Sadly, the iPod met with an accident, it fell through the window of the college bus and was run over by a car. It still works! Only hitch is that the output is from a single speaker.

I have been hacking into my phone recently and it is amazing how much power the series60 phones have at their disposal. Its just a matter of time before I come back home and start developing for the Symbian platform.

The daily workout at the gym has finally produced some results. I lost 1 kg of my fat. It may be negligible when compared to the amount of fat I posses, but what is lost is lost!

San Marino GP roxored, enjoyed every lap.

/me starts packing to go back to the empty land.


I’m still at my cousin’s place. I have nothing to do and today is a holiday, no academic work, no Monster to meddle with and no one to talk to, it’s an empty life. Amazingly though, I seem to like it. It is calm, pleasant and I don’t have a care in the world. I’m just passing time writing this crap while watching some lame movie.

I have been watching a lot of News lately and I led myself to the conclusion that every person in this world is crazy or insane to some extent, but there are some who are just completely stupid or bizarre, for example Salman Khan, Bangalore crowd, Christian missionaries, Shiv sena, Al Qaeda, etc.

Anyway….. I’ll get back to reading “Catch 22”, for the fourth time.

Návrat idiota

First off, please don’t think that I have stopped blogging again. Its just that I have been too busy the last week as I was staying at my aunt’s house. Although I had access to the net, I was very busy with other stuff. By the time, I reach home from college it is already 1800hrs and after that, I go to Gym, yes the GYM! I’m working out, again! As a Sunday treat, I came home to feel the monster, and believe me it feels good.

Virat and Arvind have been frequently reporting problems with their PCs. Virat’s PC gave up a month ago when its motherboard fried while he was browsing the internet. Soon after he got the replacement motherboard, his SMPS gave up. He said some capacitor was too big, or something on those lines. Still he is too conceited to accept that his PC is dead like all ours’, moreover he suggests to me to sell off the Monster (Which btw has not faced a single problem since the last windows install around 2 months ago). Coming to Arvind, his bad luck has not ended. There was a power failure when he was trying to flash the BIOS of the old pc and so that went dead. He roamed around the city looking for a reasonable chip-level service center where he could get that repaired. That went in vain and he decided to flash the bios again all by himself, which apparently worked. However, he said he was pitted against a blue screen, BSOD, every time he tried to install Windows XP after the bios update. I advised him to try Linux. Insane, yes, but it is the only way AFAIK.

All their problems are making me glad. All time I was suffering with the monster, they were laughing at monster and me. Now it is my turn to sit back and laugh at them and I think I am doing a great job until now.

The only thing that concerns me is that all three of us are facing similar problems with the root cause being the power. Arvind’s main PC had many problems until he bought an Antec SMPS and everything settled without a glitch. I believe, my problems are also due to the power inconsistencies and that a good SMPS like the Antec one can solve my problems too. However, Virat’s problem is beyond my comprehension, he has a light R9600 that barely consumes any power and is cooled by a passive heat sink. Whereas Arvind and I have power hungry 7800gt and 6800gts, both of which can consume up to 220W at max load and we think that they are the main culprits, because we put them on lame power supplies. A R9600 should not cause any voltage fluctuations even at max load, and so the problem might not be the R9600 but something else. I wonder what that could be.

Considering the number of problems we faced, the theories we developed, the causes we figured out and finally the time we put in to solve these problems, I think we can be considered the best troubleshooters, in the city at least. If we go commercial with this, the troubleshooting business, we can probably earn millions!

I also formatted my phone! It was sluggish and there was too much crap inside it to clean up one by one. It is now lightning fast and clean.

Quote of the Day

Mr. Garrison: Does anyone know what sexual harassment means?
Cartman: When you are tying to have intercourse with a special lady friend and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind.