Oh my god! I just made myself the tastiest soup eva!

I couldn’t find anything to eat but found a knorr sweetcorn soup packet lying near the stove. I wanted to eat something bad, (the main reason why I am so… ah hell, fat!) so started off to make the normal soup, following the instructions on the rear of the packet. It was going well till I realized the amount of water was more than required. Then I remembered what my cousin did when that happened and followed her foot steps. Cutting short here is the recipe. BTW her soups taste first class!


Ingredients :
½ Packet Knorr Sweet corn soup powder.
350-400ml water.
½ beaten egg. (Beat a full egg and then throw away half :P)
Pinch of Aginomoto or I think its called China salt.
¼ teaspoon of soya sauce.
1½ teaspoon of Maggi chilli-tomato sauce.

Start making the soup as instructed on the back of the packet. Then when its ½ way through, a stage where its not too watery nor too thick, dump in the soya and the chilly sauces, the aginomoto, and mix them up well. Then when its fairy hot and when you can hear bubbles popping, start rotating vigorously. As you rotate it, take the beaten egg in a glass and start pouring it in slowly where the velocity of the soup in the bowl is the highest, ie the circumference of the whirlpool you create. That’s it let it boil for a while and when it becomes thick enough pour it into a bowl and treat yourself with the best soup you’ll make.

The egg trick I learnt from my cousin and the rest of the ingredients were just random, just put whatever I could find as much I wanted and it turned out quite well. However, this serves only one person. If more number are to be served multiply all the ingredients by that number. 😛

Disclaimer: If you screw up and god forbid end up in the toilet for the days to come, don’t blame me!.

Other Backward Thoughts

As monster was taken away from me, I am left alone in the room to study. 45 minutes into a study session, my brain gets maxed out; it leaves the books and starts wandering. It was then the row over the reservation made me think and think I did.

What is wrong with this country? After analyzing what dad talks about and collecting data from all the “upper” meetings with friends, I came up with several reasons.

  • Turning personal interests into public interests.
  • Corruption
  • Religion
  • Lack of rational thinking among citizens.
  • More, still to be discovered.

For example, consider the controversy over the OBC reservations. The Congress government is weak at this moment, that’s why the ruling party is the UPA and not Congress. As Sonia Gandhi has absolutely no chance of being the PM of India, their only figure is Rahul Gandhi, so next time around in the elections, the Congress need to be dominant so as to make RG the next PM. For that to materialize they need to increase their vote base. The OBCs constitute a handful in the Indian population, and they believe they can win them over by granting them reservations. Arjun Singh openly admitted to introducing the reservation solely for the sake Rahul Gandhi and to increase his popularity. I am astonished that no media channel seems to have elevated that statement. I am not just blaming the congress party; but there was not a single political party which opposed the bill, not even the BJP, all because everyone is afraid of losing their votes.

Its not only the politicians and their parties, its also the people, if the people were wise and voted for the best government based solely on what the government is willing to do for every citizen in the country, no one would have cared about the reservations. People are always preoccupied with their own interests. They vote for a party only if the party promises to give them something, like reservations for their caste/religion, etc. We are the ones who elect, and if we ourselves are biased and greedy, why should we expect the politicians to be fair and clean?

The Da-Vinci Code, an amazing book. As all of you know, its latest form is a Tom Hanks starring movie. I just confirmed some questions relating to the movie.

  • Where was this movie made? – The USA
  • Who starred in the movie and who were responsible for the making? – Prolly US or UK citizens.
  • Where was this movie 1st released? – The USA.

The USA is a Christian majority country and I also believe there were numerous Christians involved in the making of that movie. Over that there are millions of Christians who watched that movie around the world, let it be Europe or the Americas. They all don’t seem to have a problem with the movie. But when it was about to be released here, a country where Christians are considered a minority group (no offence), everyone has a problem with the movie. They make a big deal; involved the censor board, the Supreme Court (WTF!! Who involves the Supreme Court, the highest authority, for a movie which isn’t even made here?) and politicians to make noise over nothing. There are only two logical explanations to elucidate this behavior, either they are nuts or this is an elaborate publicity stunt for the movie. Whatever the reason the may be, using religion in this fashion is immoral!

Politicians can get so confused at times that they don’t even know what is written in the constitution! After the TDP (Telugu Desam Party) was overthrown by the Congress, here in Andhra Pradesh, the Congress was being blamed for not fulfilling the promises they made before the elections (Free electricity being one, its been two years and I think they are yet to implement it). So to somehow nullify that, they introduced reservations for the Muslims at UG level, both medicine and Engineering streams. Unfortunately for them, the bill was struck down by the High Court, stating that India is a secular country and reservations based on religion are against the Constitution. A disgraceful experience, and yet they are still so blatant that they are taking it up again in the Supreme Court. Why all this? Muslims constitute another handful of the population in the state.

Reservations are deadly, if once approved, no one will ever have the guts or the balls to get rid of them. And if at all they do get rid of them, I guarantee that the party wouldn’t be elected again for at least the next 15 years.

The vote is so powerful that it makes politicians go haywire for it, and yet people have absolutely no idea how powerful their vote is and what difference it can make. People forego their vote just for the sake of miniscule privileges. It is like giving away a Vienetta Ice-cream in exchange for a lollypop.


OBC My ass!

OBC My ass! Stupid mofos.

Manmohan Singh to Bush – We are sending Indians to the moon next year.
Bush – Wow! How Many?
Manmohan Singh – 100
25 – OBC
25 – SC
20 – ST
5 – Handicapped
5 – Sports Persons
5 – Terrorism Affected
5 – Kashmiri Migrants
9 – Politicians and if possible
1 – Astronaut

I rarely show liking towards forwarded mails but this one shows how screwed up our country is at the moment. They are dumbing down an already messed up country. To clear my status on the reservations, I am 100% completely against them. Stupid mofo politicians, screw you, you fking SOBs.

Driver wanted!

As I was talking about my driver duties at home, I just received a new schedule for tomorrow. It is as follows.

0730 hrs – Drop mom in the bus stop and the visiting cousin at her institute.
1200 hrs – Take sis, go to cousin’s institute, pick her up, take them both to a theater, buy the tickets for them, send them into the theater and come back home.
1700 hrs – Get to the theater, pick them up and return home.

What can I say… FSCK!
I think I shall make a proposition for permanent driver, or else…
or else what?!

Inmates’ World

Ooof! Lab externals are over now its time for the big ones. However my prep hasn’t started yet, I’m so busy with Prison Break that I have postponed everything to Monday. Unfortunately though, I came to know that its going into an other season, again, another series which I thought would end being extended, sucks.

I recently was in possession of the N90; my dream phone and I must say it is great. The video is crisp the photos are crystal clear only drawback being its size, its huge and heavy and take 3-4 secs to just answer a call. Too bad my cousin wants it back when she returns home.

Also, I was just recently promoted from driver post to a driver + IMAX tour guide at home. If you pluck one strand of hair for every km I drove an entire family will be bald, driving is fun though hitting 90 or 100 in a maruti is hair raising.

Guns was kind enough to give me his 2000Rs 500W SMPS for testing. It seems to work fine, although my hard disks are still on the edge; I guess they crossed the point of no return in damages. To completely stabilize the system I had to install windows for about 6 times. I was never so confused, what the hell happened to those hard disks?! What was the exact reason!? A million dollar question. I still often get the scandisk but I think I will not touch the installation till my externs finish. I even used a multi-meter to check the voltages on the output and everything is normal. Stress test is postponed to after the externs, it need too much time. 😀

I was also bored in between the Prison Break episodes so I made this updated pic of my work desk.

Concept of Happiness

“Happy” and “happiness” are sometimes used to refer to feelings or emotions. For example, statements like “How happy he was when he found out he had won the Lottery” or “When she found out she got the job she was very happy” clearly refer to some state of consciousness of the person, and do not by themselves imply that the life of that person, or a significant portion of that person’s life, is a happy one. We have no clear distinction between feelings and emotions. One way the distinction is made is in terms of the strength of the experience, with an emotion being a stronger, more vivid experience. If we draw the distinction in this way, we would probably classify happiness as an emotion. Another, sharper way the distinction has been drawn is to claim that feelings make up a category of experiences of which there are three kinds: perceptions, sensations and emotions. Emotions, unlike perceptions, are not connected with a specific organ or part of the body, and, unlike sensations, are not located in part of the body and are directed toward objects. If we draw the distinction in this way, the feeling use of “happiness” refers to a feeling, and more specifically, to an emotion, since it obviously would not be a sensation or a perception. A question may arise concerning the possibility of a feeling of happiness that does not take an object (e.g., waking up one morning feeling happy without feeling happy about anything in particular). Perhaps the object might be just one’s life or the pattern of activity one is engaged in.

Sometimes “happy” is used to refer to a mood of a person. Some examples are “Vishal was in a happy mood today” and “Having had four cup cakes, he was feeling happy.” Even though the word “feeling” occurs in the second example, the expression seems to mean that the cakes put him in a happy mood. This use indicates someone has a disposition to have happy feelings, to see things as being favorable, and likes elements of his situation over a period of time.

The adverb “happily” is sometimes applied to behavior, such as in “The children were in the yard, playing happily.” This behavioral use applies to situations where someone is doing something enthusiastically, with vigor, or cheerfully.

My contribution to the group discussion on the concept of happiness. >:). Hehe. They liked it!! =))

tHeSiD does it again

Yes! I have yet again utterly failed to do what I wanted to do, to complete all my works before the race today. Woke up late in the afternoon, ate lunch late around 2 pm, slept again for an hour and then sat in front of the TV to watch a thrilling race.

Now all the works I am supposed to do are “pending” and therefore a night out is necessary, again! Lame but it will help boost my average from 20/25 to somewhere around 23 if I do it all right. I guess its worth it.

The Vaio is up and running again, though it still doesn’t have a screen I put it on Wi-Fi and the reception from the router in the ground floor seems “very good” according to windows, which is proved by almost 10-11Mbps transfer speeds. The only way to control it is via Remote Desktop, which works like a charm. It once had a serious hardware issue, when Virat took it whatever process he ran took up 100% of the CPU. That vanished when I reinstalled the OS. At present though, everything in it is up-to-date software, including Windows with all the patches and bug fixes drives etc. Microsoft Update is a great tool and so is Kaspersky 6.

Linux is so user-unfriendly, in windows, you plug in the WLAN card and all is taken care off. If the network has DHCP, there is nothing else to be done, instant connectivity! In Linux, everything you have to do is through a CLI. You have to install a software emulator called ndiswrapper that “implements Windows kernel API and NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) API within Linux kernel”, then find a working windows driver for the card, and then tell ndiswrapper to emulate that driver and then reboot. But then again it does not work! You then go through infinite forums to find what the problem exactly is, and then you find that there is a windows driver specifically written to work with ndiswrapper and only in Fedora. You use that driver and then reboot again it seems to work. “ifup” generally throws some error messages in the beginning but editing some conf files will finally start a wi-fi on Linux.

Linux still has a long way to go; it is nowhere near windows. With the 2.6 kernel being the most bugged kernel, I would like to wait for a long time before I even think of working on that OS.

Quote of the Day:

Liane: Eric, why would you do such a thing?
Cartman: I’m sorry I handcuffed Billy Turner’s ankle to the school flagpole.
Mackey: You know that’s not the point!
Cartman: Okay, I’m sorry I handcuffed Billy Turner’s ankle to a flagpole and then gave him a hacksaw. And then told him I had poisoned his lunch milk and that the only way he could get to the antidote in time would be to saw through his leg.
Liane: That’s very naughty, Eric.
Cartman: Well he called me chubby!

A fortnight later.

The last two weeks were hell, so much pending academic work that it took us 4 night outs to finish them all on time. A nightmare for sure, but got used to it over time. The final statistics were, 2 records start to end, 2 nights and miscellaneous activities in another 2 nights. Though still some work is left, they are not pending works. I will wait until they are “pending” and then do a night out again! Until then I will probably rest my ass.

Well anyway, I had to take the car to the garage and get the A.C control knob checked and a little bit of servicing too. Apparently, the AC turned on and off on its own will during a long drive and my dad was all frustrated about it. He should be! Its 43C out there. It turned out to be a loose connection somewhere. Not only did the mechanic fix that but also he put some fluid to improve the compressor and now the AC is so fucking cold that I have to redirect the air ducts away from me just to stop shivering in that cold.

On the way back home, I noticed something extremely stupid. There is a police check post on the way. It is right after a bottleneck in the road, the bottleneck being a huge peepal/banyan tree in the middle of the road. The police seem to like it a lot; they made themselves a nice camp with sand bags and tents, looks almost like a war zone. As for my knowledge, it was established there to “keep criminals out of the city”. That sounds fishy because firstly its on the road leading out of the city and the secondly I have never heard of any “criminal” being caught at one of those check posts which are in hundreds spread all over the city. However, they only seem to be filling pockets rather than filling jails. Anywho there is also a bus stop in between the check post ends. Now the check post is so intelligently placed that when the RTC busses stop there, all the traffic behind the bus comes to a halt. Nowhere to go and the police can easily pick their victims and charge them for not wearing a helmet. Its not only at that place but all the check posts through out the city are on heavy traffic roads and they all block all the already clogged up traffic. Call it insanity, stupidity, senselessness, idiocy, whatever you want but I am really pissed off.

I will now go to sleep, wake up early around 10 tomorrow, will try to finish my work before the European Grand Prix. Formula 1 rocks!