Damn Crawlers!

That is the video of people racing in carts in Runway9. We went to race those small machines there for a few laps. Lots happened. Apart from all the drifting, skidding, Guns spun out and make Vik to spin 2 complete rounds and crash into the tire wall. As Vik put it, noob Guns was stationary at 90deg to the track when he almost crashed. They had a couple of incidents each and they both had fun. I on the other side was stuck behind crawlers most of the time. We three tried to race but Guns’ great spin out left us scattered all over the track, so it was pretty much a lonely race for everyone. It wasn’t incident free for me either, though I didn’t crash I had worse. It was a U turn, and I was trying to pass a crawler, well, he refused, I was on the inside line trying to make a pass, he wanted the inside line all for himself and forced me off the track, worst, there was a manhole right in my path. I was blank.. I stepped on it, luckily got the tires onto the manhole cover and was safely out. In the last lap I was trying to drift, I flicked the steering and it went all the way sliding and bumped into another cart, and that guy crashed into the tire wall, I didn’t hear any swearing but probably there was some he he, was fun though :D. The G-forces were awesome; getting thrown from one side to another is quite exhilarating.

I had this great idea of strapping my digicam to the cart and then make a bumper cam style video of my laps. We went loaded with the camera and duct tape only to realize there wasn’t any place on the cart to strap the camera to. So took the video of other people racing. Notice the crawler in the video? damn!

On a fun scale of 1-10, I rate carting as 8.5, its real fun. Bit expensive but worth it guess. We did 12 laps mind you.


GAWD! I wanna write so much!! but that will bore you, so cutting short, I am not this soft know-it-all computer geek anymore. Time has arrived to be brutal, ruthless and insane and thats what I am, right from this moment. Some really strange things happened in the recent past, a long rational analysis led to this change in me. Its time to be cruel, literally, so watch out!

Brand new Sony VAIO Rack-mount server

As you all know the screen of my laptop was broken since ages and I was using it a server. Today though, I was dead bored at home, monster was throwing one problem after another if I start gaming and I had no TV series to watch. The laptop on the other had was sitting idle coz I de-commissioned it as I couldn’t get wireless to ‘not crash‘ my router. If I had to put it on a wired connection, well let’s just say, there was space limitedness. The LCD was redundant it had no use practically, so I removed it.

It took a while to remove the screen, because removing it physically just wasn’t enough. I had to solder some contacts to bypass the monitor circuitry, just to tell the system that there was nothing at the ends of the wires. I had to do this because it was detecting the external monitor as a 2nd monitor and is automatically stretching the output. Well anyway, after I removed it, the laptop looked like one of those dell rack mount servers. Here are the pictures.

The Abandoned Screen

Movie-A-Minute: Armageddon

An asteroid is coming. We are in trouble.
You must blow it up from the inside. Probably.
Let’s teach drillers to be astronauts, on account of drilling is too hard for astronauts to learn.
Bruce Willis
Instead for a ninjillion dollars, we will only do it if we don’t have to pay taxes anymore, because audiences can relate to that.
I can relate to that. Therefore, I love it.