me n my M800 doing Handbrake turns

(EDIT: not very old :D) Old but I forgot to post this to the blog 😀 (filmed on 22nd Jan 2007, Sru’s Bday)
Those aren’t exactly Handbrake turns but, my attempts to do a 180, succeeded a couple of times, in the end tho i couldn’t nullify the fact that I was in a 10 year old Maruti 800 with no power steering, a bumpy cricket ground and a primitive handbrake.

I really gotta learn how to drift, but its really hard to find a rear wheel drive machine. A RWD is the way to go coz A front wheel drive can not whip it’s tail out because the tires are being driven in the front as opposed to the rear. So when approaching a turn only thing that can be done is to pull the handbrake to cause traction loss in the case of a FWD. I wonder if I keep the car sliding through the turn. If anyone knows a nice place to try this out, do enlighten me! and do 4WDs (4X4) drift? In theory they shouldn’t but I have seen this gallardo spyder drift, in top gear I think and I believe its a 4wd. Any idea anyone?

and… I apologize for the inadvertent pmsing in the other post 😉

Something has to be done to firefox

Someone has to design a garbage collector for Firefox, Its eating every byte I have! All the other browsers are under the same conditions.. 1/2hr of browsing each. Opera lowest as you can see.. and VirtualDub running encoding a RAW AVI didnt need any memory. It doesn’t matter to me but on slower systems its a pain. People of the Moz! fix the damn leaks! please!


Its just 2 weeks into the new year.. and im already fuxed .. mentally.. man.. I never thought about things this much.. fucking shit.. it cant be like this.. damn it.. I’m going back to be the insensitive careless, irresponsible jackass.. i cant overcome this overhaul if i dont.. should i!?!? damn it.. im even thinking about this.. ahhhhhh grrrr… my hearts broken.. :(( never felt this bad … man! ;(((((

Im really really depressed.. even 2 games of RAMBIT didnt do any good!!.. wtf am i supposed to do to overcome this!!!