A Fools’ World

Well this I had to write about, It was just too much to take.
Slashdot’s Vastu:
From the article:

“Thirty-year-old Smita Narang is rapidly becoming one of India’s hottest Web designers. Her method: applying vastu shastra, the Indian counterpart of feng shui, to the online realm. The process entails mapping page attributes – HTML, colors, graphics – to elements like fire, water, and air. ‘Any disturbance of these established elements can cause an imbalance in the site that directly affects its business,’ Narang says.”

A direct proof to prove that there are in fact a lot of fools in the world who believe in this kinda crap. Seriously, aesthetics is what is needed not vastu you fools. I know, I know there is always this butterfly effect but compromising a site design just for the sake of complying with vastu is just ignorant. Same applies to houses, I still don’t get the point with houses. I have seen many people build great luxurious mansions and later destroying them just because some jackass vastu shastry told them their house wasn’t compliant and that it would cause them bad luck or put them in grave danger of loosing their money.

I have seen my father getting pissed when someone suggested vastu in his contracts, I always wondered what the problem was. Since its reached my domain now, I understand perfectly how lame it is. I can go on and on about how stupid all this is but, if you wanna hear all that. buzz me :P.

Southpark resumed :) but only one episode was good, rest were boring, come on Matt&Trey you can come up with better ideas! make it another season 8 😉

As Schumacher is now out of F1, my 8 year Schumi fan phase has ended. Luckily my next favourite driver, Kimi, is moving to Ferrari, so he is the man we cheer for next year. I just hope he doesn’t carry forward his bad luck from McLaren to Ferrari. 2008 Champ, Kimi, Alonso will never even be seen on the podium, pakka. I gotta get back to playing the RAMBIT scenario in AOE:TC now, the other bitches are waiting.

“Schumi you are my god :)”
” Kimi you are my angel :)

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