A fortnight later.

The last two weeks were hell, so much pending academic work that it took us 4 night outs to finish them all on time. A nightmare for sure, but got used to it over time. The final statistics were, 2 records start to end, 2 nights and miscellaneous activities in another 2 nights. Though still some work is left, they are not pending works. I will wait until they are “pending” and then do a night out again! Until then I will probably rest my ass.

Well anyway, I had to take the car to the garage and get the A.C control knob checked and a little bit of servicing too. Apparently, the AC turned on and off on its own will during a long drive and my dad was all frustrated about it. He should be! Its 43C out there. It turned out to be a loose connection somewhere. Not only did the mechanic fix that but also he put some fluid to improve the compressor and now the AC is so fucking cold that I have to redirect the air ducts away from me just to stop shivering in that cold.

On the way back home, I noticed something extremely stupid. There is a police check post on the way. It is right after a bottleneck in the road, the bottleneck being a huge peepal/banyan tree in the middle of the road. The police seem to like it a lot; they made themselves a nice camp with sand bags and tents, looks almost like a war zone. As for my knowledge, it was established there to “keep criminals out of the city”. That sounds fishy because firstly its on the road leading out of the city and the secondly I have never heard of any “criminal” being caught at one of those check posts which are in hundreds spread all over the city. However, they only seem to be filling pockets rather than filling jails. Anywho there is also a bus stop in between the check post ends. Now the check post is so intelligently placed that when the RTC busses stop there, all the traffic behind the bus comes to a halt. Nowhere to go and the police can easily pick their victims and charge them for not wearing a helmet. Its not only at that place but all the check posts through out the city are on heavy traffic roads and they all block all the already clogged up traffic. Call it insanity, stupidity, senselessness, idiocy, whatever you want but I am really pissed off.

I will now go to sleep, wake up early around 10 tomorrow, will try to finish my work before the European Grand Prix. Formula 1 rocks!

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