Are you there god? Its me, *******

Two days ago, my grandmother asked me to take her to the Sai Baba temple in your colony. I agreed without hesitation just because I could get to drive the Corsa. Inside the temple, there were people praying and so she joined in. 15 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed, they did not stop! All the time they were chanting I was curiously observing the walls and the decorations inside as I did not understand a single sentence they were chanting. Finally, after 30 minutes, they disperse and my grandmother comes to me and tells me to wait because I had to … what? Guess!

I had to take the “Pallaki”, on my shoulder along with four other people and go around the temple premises. I was in total shock! Where did that come from? I never agreed to that. Ah leave alone agreement, I never knew there was something like a Pallaki in that temple and that people carry it around on their shoulders every Thursday. She also said that it was a “Mokku” (A promise made to God) and that I had to do it without questioning. I am not a big fan of God so I constantly rejected the proposal. Somehow, she convinced me and in the end, I had to do it. I just couldn’t say no, when she was beseeching me relentlessly. It was little embarrassing but the fact that it was for “God” nullified all such worries. But that wasn’t the end, I thought I just had to take it around the temple, well, I was wrong, they made me carry it for around 10 minutes covering a distance of around 300 meters! My shoulders were in pain, never lifted anything for such a long time. In the end, I wasn’t even able to turn the car steering properly. Ballz.

After all that, what does God do in return? He screwed up my day. First I am caught for listening to the iPod in the class (Well that was lame anyway). Second, My EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits) score reached an all time low. Third, I lose my favorite Reebok Sandals! Some asshole decided to steal them right from our portico, Son of a Bitch! Nevertheless, the first two were my fault but I blame god for my sandals. God Damn you! I loved those sandals and they cost me 1500 bucks FFS!

Quote of the Day:

Cartman: Handle it? For two billion dollars I could handle my Grandpa’s balls dude.

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