Bang! The Scarlet Cars are back!

Yeah! The 2006 FIA Formula 1 season takes off in style! With a brand new set of strange rules as always! Bahrain, the first circuit and the Ferrari’s are one & two for tomorrow’s race. It has been a long time since I have seen a Ferrari front row. With tire restrictions removed and a completely restructured qualifying, it is going to be an exciting season. As I am a Ferrari fanatic, I always wanted them to perform well which they did until 2005, which proved to be the most disastrous season for them and M Schumacher. However, this season should favor Ferrari and Bridgestone as Bridgestone tires perform well through small race distances unlike last season where one set of tires had to last the whole weekend. In addition, the reduction of horsepower by shifting from powerful V10 to small and compact V8 engines will affect race and fuel strategies. Overall, it is going to be a completely different season with new dramas, new controversies, and loads of fun!

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