Blitzkreig ’06

Dell Optiplex 620 rigs sponsored by ATi

Me trying to do something.


Rear of the Shuttle PC

Shuttle PC.. small eh? Well its, X800XTPE + P4 3.4GHz + 1GB RAM

Cable Mess

Srikant who broke into the lab through a 8″ ventilator, trying to figure out wtf happened to the power supply.

Inuyahsa a.k.a Vaatsav exploring Quake 3

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT 2004!


NFS Most wanted Testing

Age!! Age!! yeah!!

R.K testing systems and installing games.

Vik with his friend playing CSCZ.

Lab 2 (approx. 60systems with CS)

Lab 2

Lab 1, another 60 systems with CS 😀

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  1. those pcs at lab1 and lab2 suked. we didnt like the pcs so much that we didnt want to come bak the next day, even though we were sure we could win the cs tourney

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