Brand new Sony VAIO Rack-mount server

As you all know the screen of my laptop was broken since ages and I was using it a server. Today though, I was dead bored at home, monster was throwing one problem after another if I start gaming and I had no TV series to watch. The laptop on the other had was sitting idle coz I de-commissioned it as I couldn’t get wireless to ‘not crash‘ my router. If I had to put it on a wired connection, well let’s just say, there was space limitedness. The LCD was redundant it had no use practically, so I removed it.

It took a while to remove the screen, because removing it physically just wasn’t enough. I had to solder some contacts to bypass the monitor circuitry, just to tell the system that there was nothing at the ends of the wires. I had to do this because it was detecting the external monitor as a 2nd monitor and is automatically stretching the output. Well anyway, after I removed it, the laptop looked like one of those dell rack mount servers. Here are the pictures.

The Abandoned Screen

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