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X1: The death

It all started when I wanted to search for a document I stored a month ago. I couldn’t find it anywhere as I couldn’t remember its name, so I used the built in windows search. I disable the indexing engine as soon as I install the OS, and so none of the files on the disk were indexed and the normal search couldn’t find what I was looking for. It was then; I felt the need of a desktop search tool. Once on Slashdot I was reading an article on some topic related to desktop search wherein a hippie wrote that Google should be scared about X1 Desktop search engine being made free. He also bragged about how great an indexing engine it is. I was convinced and decided to give it a try, a 12MB download which took almost a full night to finish on my gay ass connection, I was all set to install it.

That evening I installed it and set it to the recommended indexing aggressiveness. It was running all night, the next day morning and also even when I came back home the next day. It was almost 20 hours since it started and it was still indexing, saying “Optimizing file index”. It used almost all possible resources available; I decided to free all the resources by rebooting the system.

It shut down and restarted posted well and everything was normal till the Intel RAID (ICH5R) bios showed up. It was showing the HDDs’ status as “Unknown” for both the 160G 7200.7s on the controller. In my experience I have seen “Normal” and “Error Occurred” but I have never seen “Unknown”. After a couple of reboots one disk showed up as “Normal” but the other didn’t, even after checking it with 4-5 HDD diagnostic tools like Sea Tools, MHDD etc. The “Unknown” status was holding back the controller in detecting the RAID0 (Stripe) Set. As a last attempt I used Norton Disk Doctor, and NDD without any user intervention, said something about fixing the drive and started doing something all on its own. I lost all hopes at that moment, I had to wave goodbye to my 320GB data. All the little hopes I had of retaining the data were lost when the RAID bios reported both the disks as “Normal” but wasn’t able to detect the previous RAID set. I was mortified! All the 320GB data gone! Vanished!

What was the reason? X1. It tried to index every byte of the files in the RAID partition; the HDDs couldn’t take that torture and failed one after another. All the 320G data was nothing but videos, yes 95% of the data was either movies or TV series, and I still don’t know what X1 was indexing in those files. Key frames? What ever it did, it was the reason I lost 320Gigs of data. It didn’t really bother me because I have seen almost every byte on those disks, so I am not that disturbed as I was be when I lost my 5600XT. Fortunately both the disks are under warranty and I am absolutely sure ill be getting new disks when I claim the warranty, some good news at last.

X1 will never be forgotten. It reached the top of my “Worst Software ever” list, right above Norton Antivirus 2002. The next time I see such suggestions by hippies on Slashdot, I’ll openly flames their asses.

OBC My ass!

OBC My ass! Stupid mofos.

Manmohan Singh to Bush – We are sending Indians to the moon next year.
Bush – Wow! How Many?
Manmohan Singh – 100
25 – OBC
25 – SC
20 – ST
5 – Handicapped
5 – Sports Persons
5 – Terrorism Affected
5 – Kashmiri Migrants
9 – Politicians and if possible
1 – Astronaut

I rarely show liking towards forwarded mails but this one shows how screwed up our country is at the moment. They are dumbing down an already messed up country. To clear my status on the reservations, I am 100% completely against them. Stupid mofo politicians, screw you, you fking SOBs.


I’m still at my cousin’s place. I have nothing to do and today is a holiday, no academic work, no Monster to meddle with and no one to talk to, it’s an empty life. Amazingly though, I seem to like it. It is calm, pleasant and I don’t have a care in the world. I’m just passing time writing this crap while watching some lame movie.

I have been watching a lot of News lately and I led myself to the conclusion that every person in this world is crazy or insane to some extent, but there are some who are just completely stupid or bizarre, for example Salman Khan, Bangalore crowd, Christian missionaries, Shiv sena, Al Qaeda, etc.

Anyway….. I’ll get back to reading “Catch 22”, for the fourth time.

I shouldn’t have answered that call!

As the 3-hour lecture on orthogonal projections came to and end, I was dead tired, everyone was. Drawing classes in torrid weather have that effect on people. Anyway, we gathered enough strength to board the busses. One by one, busses departed the college “campus”. Adding to the wretchedness the iPod was low on battery since morning and it turned off soon after we left. En-route, out of nowhere my cell starts ringing and I answer the call. Some random person started talking and asked for someone called XXX, I asked him who he was and arrogantly he responded telling me that he was YYY. I was blank, I was pissed, I was not in the mood to continue the conversation so I pass on the phone to Sujit hoping for some comical conversation, which would cheer me up. He spoke two sentences and was confused and then he passed on the phone to Abhinav, another friend of mine. He grabbed the phone and started speaking dominantly, questioning the caller continuously. Just then, I realized, “WTF, I know XXX!” He was sitting right beside me! He used my cell to call up that YYY person and the YYY person called back to talk to him again. I was shocked; I quickly pulled the phone from Abhinav and gave it to XXX. They talked and everything was fine until YYY boarded our bus mid way, angry at the way he was treated. We did not know that he was YYY and the worst thing was, that guy was drunk! He was calling for “The guy who talked to me just on the phone”, WTF who would know, but soon we realized and sat quiet. However, XXX was a close friend of YYY; he leaked the fact that it was Abhinav, who ill-treated him. YYY was fired up and almost started a fight. Ah, I forgot, YYY also brought a gunda kinda fella along with him who was drunk too! Now, messing with drunken ego maniacs/gundas is not a good idea. We stuck to peace rather than fighting our way through. As the heat began to rise, the other students in the bus quickly subdued them. They get off the bus and everyone heave a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, I was fucking tense and so was Abhinav, after all he was the one they were after and it was my phone. I was at fault too. I apologized to Abhinav for throwing him into all the mess.

Moral of the story, “Don’t mess with wrong calls!” and “Don’t involve other people when trying to mess with wrong calls!”

What a day! I am glad, everything settled. These types of fights lead to dire consequences. One should quickly pacify the hot ones or it will get out of control.

Quote of the day:

Chef: You’re gay though, Mr. Garrison.
Mr. Garrison: What, I’m not gay. I act this way to get chicks, dumbass.

The Bandwidth Curse

There is this person, who is always boasting about a 1-megabit connection he has under control, yet, I have never seen him download one byte over that. It is starting to raise concerns in the geek world (Arvind and myself). In a country like India, a 1-Mbit connection is a god given gift; it is a sin to leave it idle. As a result there is every possibility where he might fall under the “Bandwidth curse” (BWC), a dreadful curse which when cast will vanquish all available b/w but leave a mere dialup or a 64k to work with. Both excessive compulsive leechers and people, who do not download at all, are vulnerable to this curse. I live my life on a 64Kbit connection and I cannot see a 1Mbit connection left to rot like that.

As the great, E.T. Cartman once said, “For two billion dollars I could handle my Grandpa’s balls dude.” I would do the exact same thing or even more for a 1Mbit+ connection. Of course, discretion is necessary when using a public connection, but leaving it completely idle irks my brain. A 1MBit connection is a gateway to infinite resources and by resources; I mean Movies, Games, and TV Shows etc, not research papers, which we can read even via a dial-up (Which may be the main aim of the BWC).

Being a very victim of the BWC (excessive leeching version), I personally fear for his future.

For the love of god download something, I am bored.

PS: Dude take it easy/light I was just bored and couldn’t find any topic to write on. 😛

Quote of the Day:

Liane: Tucky tucky time, it’s the best time of the night.
Cartman: I love that song, Mom. Sing it again.
Liane: No, honey, Mommy’s gotta save her throat. I have to work tonight.
Cartman: Okay.

Are you there god? Its me, *******

Two days ago, my grandmother asked me to take her to the Sai Baba temple in your colony. I agreed without hesitation just because I could get to drive the Corsa. Inside the temple, there were people praying and so she joined in. 15 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed, they did not stop! All the time they were chanting I was curiously observing the walls and the decorations inside as I did not understand a single sentence they were chanting. Finally, after 30 minutes, they disperse and my grandmother comes to me and tells me to wait because I had to … what? Guess!

I had to take the “Pallaki”, on my shoulder along with four other people and go around the temple premises. I was in total shock! Where did that come from? I never agreed to that. Ah leave alone agreement, I never knew there was something like a Pallaki in that temple and that people carry it around on their shoulders every Thursday. She also said that it was a “Mokku” (A promise made to God) and that I had to do it without questioning. I am not a big fan of God so I constantly rejected the proposal. Somehow, she convinced me and in the end, I had to do it. I just couldn’t say no, when she was beseeching me relentlessly. It was little embarrassing but the fact that it was for “God” nullified all such worries. But that wasn’t the end, I thought I just had to take it around the temple, well, I was wrong, they made me carry it for around 10 minutes covering a distance of around 300 meters! My shoulders were in pain, never lifted anything for such a long time. In the end, I wasn’t even able to turn the car steering properly. Ballz.

After all that, what does God do in return? He screwed up my day. First I am caught for listening to the iPod in the class (Well that was lame anyway). Second, My EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits) score reached an all time low. Third, I lose my favorite Reebok Sandals! Some asshole decided to steal them right from our portico, Son of a Bitch! Nevertheless, the first two were my fault but I blame god for my sandals. God Damn you! I loved those sandals and they cost me 1500 bucks FFS!

Quote of the Day:

Cartman: Handle it? For two billion dollars I could handle my Grandpa’s balls dude.

Double Paranoia

Two days ago, while I was in a deep deep sleep after a nightout at Blitzkreig, my mom comes running to me, wakes me up and asks me where I did put the cover with the Sony Clie and the iPod headphones. I said “what?”, then she said “its gone! I cant find it”, at that moment I thought she was using her ‘scare you about things you love’ tricks to wake me up. i didnt respond, quietly went back to sleep. (She frequently uses those trick on me and my sis and they really work. For example she comes to me and says “Hey, Why is the laptop making strange electric sounds?” and I jump up no matter how badly I needed sleep. cruel! :(.) I was too busy to bother about the clie at that time.

Yesterday, I got a brand new iPod as a replacement for my old dead one, I needed the headphones, but they were nowhere to be found. I asked mom and she said, “I told you! You lost them somewhere!”. WTF! my brain went blank. I was so busy the last three days I didnt have time to worry about anything other than sleep and gaming. We argued for a while, and then she concludes that I took the cover along with the bag with LAN cables I took for Blitzkreig. Again, WTF! and I argued back telling her that the cover had nothing related to Blitzkreig and I didn’t even know it was on the office table. Arguments continued throughout the day. At one point I lost trust in myself and called up people at blitzkreig to search for a cover with a clie and HPs. No result. I lost hope and settled with the assumption that someone stole it. My luck was so bad that day, losing hope wasn’t the end. “They were stolen” posed a serious security threat! My dad was all fired up. I was pissed but could do nothing.

I decided to conduct an extensive search. The entire ground flood was upsode down, it was nowhere to be found. Next up was my room, I straight away went to the place where I put my mobo accessories, I pulled out a small cover from there and to my surprise. That was it! it had the clie and the HP’s.! But how the hell did they end up there?. My mom? No, coz she was searching all over the place with me. Dad? No, he would tell me to take them away rather than put them there himself. Me? No I was dead busy, all I did was come home around 5 in the morning and sleep. Granny? No. climing up the stairs is a difficult task for her. Sis? Yes! She and her habit of keeping things clean and arranged!! Man! x(. This was not the 1st time, It was a USB mouse once, headphones recently.. cds.. etc etc. I had nothing to say, I just showed my mom the cover and told her where I found them and even she figured out what happened. No one could say anything, she’s having her board exams.

Ah! and Apple support rox!! My shuffle was dead, I needed it desperately as the bus journey to the college was boring. I browsed throught the apple asia site and found two authorized service centers. I then called one and inquired on what the procedure was to get the iPod repaired. They then gave me the apple toll free customer support number. This was the tough part, the people at apple support center made me try and repair the shuffle all by myself, restarted the comp 3 times installed and uninstalled iTunes and iPod updater 4-5 times. After almost an hour of troubleshooting, when nothing worked they gave me a service number and asked me to take the ipod to the local service center and give them the number. I did as told and 3 days later I get a brand new iPod! Awesome!! /me hugs Apple.


Oh man! Designing a unique website is fking difficult! I have been trying since morning to make a unique template but I cant get the standard 2 column layout out of my head! I need a brainwash! If I continue like this there wont be any hair left on my head! I’m off to sleep, for the sake of my hair! OMG is just too difficult! x(

Quote of the Day :

Cartman: Well, Kyle, appreciate you being so open with me about this, but as we know, you have a warped perception of reality because you’re jewish.

Lim(n–>infinity) pissed(n) || (pissed== linear func of n)

I’m so pissed off right now.

One, today we were giving our ‘online’ english test, which was dead easy and I was scoring around 18/20, 15 minutes into the 20 minute test, my monitor goes blank, for a moment I thought it was the windowsxp screensaver, but when I moved the mouse nothing happened, my heart stopped. Before I could contemplate what happened, everyone in the hall started booing and shouting. The UPS went blank and every system was turned off. The irony was, the fans and lights were fine and only the systems were dead, ususally its the other way round, but luck favoured the lights and fans and we were screwed. Will have to give the exam again FFS.

Two, all my hopes of enjoying @ IIITs gaming fest are now deep down the drain. Why? Coz I have these gay ass, internals which, proven today, cannot be conducted without a 1hr delay before and after them. People not able to conduct online tests with 60 students seems incompetent to me. These type of tests were a big flop before, and they will be this time too. The servers cant handle even 60 connections, people keep getting disconnected, some connections are never made, and who the hell runs a lan on hubs these days anyway? I shoudnt talk more abt this.

Have to prepare for two tests tomorrow! :(( , have to finish my engg. drawing assignment and go to a buddy’s house in the midnight to celebrate his b’day. Lot of work ahead, I better get started.

Quote of the Day:

Chef: Hello there, children.
Stan: Chef! What would a priest want to stick up my butt?
Chef: Goodbye.

I Hate Love.

When a person turns to wrong, is it a want to be, belong?
Part of things at any cost, at what price a life is lost

At what point do we begin, fighter spirit a will to win
But what makes a man decide, take the wrong or righteous road

There’s a thin line between love and hate
Wider divide that you can see between good and bad
There’s a grey place between black and white
But everyone does have the right to choose the path that he takes

We all like to put the blame on society these days
But what kind of good or bad a new generation brings

Sometimes take just more than that to survive be good at heart
There is evil in some of us no matter what will never change

I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
Heart will die, my soul will fly, and I will live forever

Just a few small tears between someone happy and one sad
Just a thin line drawn between being a genius or insane

At what age begin to learn of which way out we will turn
There’s a long and winding road and the trail is there to burn

That my friends, is the lyric of an Iron Maiden song, a song with a meaning. Compare that to “Jhalak Dikhlaja” from Aksar and you will know why I detest hindi/telugu songs in general. There are exceptions like Taal and DCH and more.. but in general they are always.. always about LOVE, even the movies’ core theme is love, always. Love here is the Love between a muscular hero and a naked heroine, monotonic. Get some new Ideas assholes.

Anyway, I ended my 4 day stay at my cousin’s place. It was nice to be away from home and the computers for a while. I was able to do some tasks, what I thought were impossible. Going to the gym for a full workout at 5 in the morning, reading novels, staying alive without computers were some of them. I’m back home now and I will try my best to continue what I started.