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Laptop that made my computers scream

Woke up very late, around 1230 in the afternoon. The reason behind waking up so early was that, all the computers in the house started screaming, literally. It was Kaspersky warning that there were port scans and intrusion attempts!, In all the three computers! After freshening up, I sat down to analyze what the fuck happened. Somebody turned on the latop a friend gave me two days ago for some maintainace work. Accidentally the network cable was plugged in, and coz my router assigns IPs via DHCP, that lappy was online in no time. It was filled with virii and spyware! and all those were trying to spead in my LAN! They made up my 100Mbit wireless router hang up! It was time to take some drastic measures, I had to introduce kaspersky to that system. I did. It detected nearly 400 infected files, and cleaned or deleted every single one! Then it was time for spyware to go, installed spybot, it found nearly 100 spyware entries! What the fuck was that guy doing on that comp all this time!?

Everytime the lappy booted, It showed a command window executing something, a bot to be specific. It was showing what it was doing very clearly, like when a service starts up in verbose mode. All the time I was under the assumption that it was some software installed by the user (me==noobie! :( ) but it was a virus starting up and initializing its bot!!! and Kaspy took care of it. Spybot found so much spyware that it wants to scan and clean again after a reboot! ROFL! With kaspersky and spybot installed, that lappy is never going to get infected by another virus or spyware! I always trusted Kaspersky and it proved itself again!

After all this, I went on to the terrace to check on the number of kites flying in the sky, and there were NONE! Population in our area almost doubled (with all the new apartments buildings) since the last time I flew kites. I expected the number of kites to double too, but there were none! wtf! Has everyone turned into those zombies which watch whatever that comes on TV?? or is everyone that lazy? or are they just scared that they might get a sunburn? Seems like I have to go to some other part of the city to fully enjoy pongal. I just hope there are atleast a few kite flyers tomorrow to play with.

Safri Duo rock! They are just amazing. Baya baya and Played-a-live are some of the best tracks from them. Listen and you will never forget. Scooter also is a good artist. These 3 trax were on my repeat playlist since evening, and I am still not bored!

Quote of the Day :

Mr. Garrison: Who was in charge of the feminist movement of the early ’60’s?
Cartman: A bunch of fat old skanks on their periods.
Mr. Garrison: Right. But who was the fattest, oldest skank on her period?

Ow! God Damn it!

I got ripped off!! 250rs down the drain! fking shit! why? I gave my RAM module for repair ( I know its not normal for RAMs to be repaired, but it was a desperate attempt to revive monster) and that guy said it was working and that he replaced some on-off circuit in the module, but when I came back and tested it, it didnt boot the system!! fsck!! I dont understand, it booted on that asshole’s computer. Man that guy is so screwed next time I go to CTC! I am gonna get my fucking money back!! God damn it!!!!

/me tries to cool down.. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ……
/me takes a deep breath

Anyway, was reading a friend’s blog, here, tis all philosophical, one point got my attention though. It said “One just needs to work in the right direction without caring much about the results”. This reminded me of some sloka .. or whatever they call it, which states something on similar lines. I dont understand, why would anybody do something, if it isnt for the results? You prepare for exams to get good marks, you work your ass off to make a perfect model. Well if you dont care about the marks or the model why in the world would you prepare or work like a dog? Yes I argree, one should not worry too much about the results, I guess its all about balance. This is what I posted on his blog, hehe, hope he understands my confusion.

I will write about my principles and thoughts some other day. Today is not the day coz they may be biased.

Leaving philosophy there, lez get back to the g33k stuff. As soon as I came home I read something which made all the saliva in my mouth drip like a leaking muncipal water tanker left open. It was about the QUAD SLI nVidia is working on. Dell showed off their masterpiece at CES 2006 Dell’s Quad SLI , 4.26GHz, Dual Core XPS Renegade System. It has 4 7800GTX512s on a 4-way SLI (Scalable Link Interface), HOLY FUCK! That adds up to 2GB of VRAM there itself!!! and they OCed the processor to 4.26 GHZ!!! KICK ASS! This sounds reallllly exciting but coming out of the dream world, real world performance is what matters. When MS moves to DX10 and PS4.0, this will obviously be rendered “outdated”, till then atleast this will be the most powerful gaming machine ever made.

Also Intel seems to have everything going their way now, after the huge failure of the prescott line of processors, everyone turned to AMD, but now they got it right with the Core Duo line, ofcourse they are mobile processors but they offer performances on par with the Athlon X2s. I hope Intel comes with some cool new desktop proccies too!. BTW Intel changed their logo! It not “Intel Inside” anymore!!!

It was

but its now

Great! Go Intel Go! 😛

PS: I am not a great fan of AMD :P, and I am running out of ‘decent’ sp quotes, so read them only if you wanna!

Quote of the Day :

Cartman: Damn, shit, respect my fuckin’ authority!
Sadaam Hussein: Ahhh!
Cartman: Yes (zaps him)!
Sadaam Hussein: Hey, you need to watch your mouth, brat!
Cartman: Dog shit Taco (Zaps him again)!
Sadaam Hussein: Quick Satan, do something!
Cartman: Try this on for size. Blood-drenched, frozen tampon popsicle!
Sadaam Hussein: Hey buddy, I know I was mean before, but don’t worry, I can change!
Cartman: Okay. Not. Fuck, shit, cock, ass, dildo, boner, bitch, pussy, butthole, Barbara Streisand!

For the Love of god!

I am seriously pissed now!! The years coming to an end and so are all my computers and gadgets. FFS what the fuck is going on!?! 1st it was monster, then the GF5600XT, the RAM (512 DDR400), Sonly Clie, soon hdds died and now its the Laptop!! Look at it! The screen is fking broken!! (/me is down on his knees crying). This is really phrustrating. All my typo3 work, everything I ever coded is on that laptop. Well I know ways in which I can use it.. but I dont have a Laptop anymore! (/me rolls on the floor crying).
The only use I can see is to use it as a 24/7 server, and then I will have a dedicated server. Maybe I will put all my 3 comps on NFS, but am not sure, I will have to research extensively.
I just hope the year ends real quick, it has been nothing but the worst year in my entire life. one more week left, I am scared :(. I pray to you god, dont let anything else die! plzzzzz :((( Posted by Picasa


Ever since monster (my pc :D) brokedown, every small problem started pissing me off! The other day, I bought the december issue of Chip where in they listed the best hardware products of 2005, As soon as I got the book home I started reading that part of the mag, I finished reading the 1st review I was like ‘WTF! where are the Ratings and prices?”. Stupid people, instead of mentioning the price and dealer infomation at the end of each review, they printed “Reviewed in September, Standalone H/w Review”, I have no idea why they did that but that completely destroyed the whole purpose of the article.

Recently Firefox has started poking me too. It randomly corrupts its profile folder and everything gets screwed, all toobar placements, bookmars, search plugins are gone! I googled for such similar issues but the only solution found was to backup the profile folder frequently. The worst part is, its very unpredictable, sometimes happens when I install a new extension, or when updating existing ones or just restarting it (I like firefox coz of its extensions feature, really makes browsing a bliss). Finally, since I couldn’t find any proper fix for this, I resorted to using BackupFox to backup my profile folder frequently. Sometimes this happens so many times that I had to put the backupfox shortcut in ma quick launch bar!!!.

Coming back to Monster, ever since I installed the GF6800GT I have been facing HDD problems. My 80s are badly screwed, and the 160s are barely holding up. They are still under warranty though. I have to get them replaced asap or buy new ones, o/w I may go crazy. I believe the SMPS is the main culprit, My mobo has DPS2( Dual Power System ), so its really tolerant to power supply discrepancies, the only ones exposed are the hdds and the gfx. The GFX card needs 19Amps on the 12V rail and my smps can supply only ….. 10!!! :((( . ( gay ass Adcom, its a 400w smps ffs). I also formulated another hypothesis, which states “Any CPU with heavily trashed hdds, when kept near a significantly strong magnetic-field, will get screwed no matter what.” where Any CPU…. is monster and the siginificantly strong mag field is the UPS.
I’m still investigating into what exactly happened with monster and why.

Quote of the day :

Cartman: Oh, oh, Jesus. I was laughing so hard–the milk came out of my nose.
Stan: Dude, you weren’t drinking any milk.
Cartman: Huh?
Stan: You have to be drinking milk for that to happen.
Cartman: Not with me, man.