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buntu Ubuntu.. Kubuntu??

Funny things have been happening lately. 2 days ago, after answering four questions in english exam and concluding that the time was not sufficient enough, I was told, we were supposed to write only 3 answers. Yesterday, when I though of formatting my laptop and making it a dedicated server, its CD-ROM gave up on me. It refused to read cd-rs, any cdr i put in it, it does nothing, but if I put a factory printed cd, it reads without hesitation. So I went on searching for some printed cds which had an OS on them and found Ubuntu, Xandros and RH9. Since Ubuntu was latest and since I never tried the free cds I got from them, I installed it just to find out how slow it was and how gay linux can get to be.

Today I decided to make my lappy a Dual-Dedicated Server, install Windows install VMWare and then Install linux on VMWare (mostly FC4 or Slackware 10.1). My lappy has 512Meg RAM so VMWare shouldnt create any problems. Then again, I had to install windows xp and I dont have a printed cd of Xp Prof. After another long search I found my oooold virgin Windows XP Home original copy in its box pack, and then another idea struck me, install xphome and then upgrade to xp prof by copying the prof. cd contents via lan :).

Installing XPHome atm, I never worked on home ed before, I suppose it should support basic networking.

BTW, Ubuntu is based on Debian and it sucks balls, slowest linux distro I have ever seen, Windows 2003 worked better on my laptop. XServer forwarding over lan was like internet on dial-up, ffs. It only has Gnome and for KDE you need to download another OS Kubuntu, WTF. Although, installing KDE on ubuntu itself may be possible, but distributing 2 OSes which differing just by the shell seems stupid to me.