Donkey thoughts

The fifth round of internals start from tomorrow and because of them I am now back at home. Its not only the exams but the year is ending and it is the time for completing all pending and final works for the year. Oh, man! I have a feeling that the period from now to the last day of the externals is going to suck donkey balls.

As I was watching the south park episode “806 – Wet backs from the Future.rm” there was a power cut, a long one. The iPod is dead and therefore there was nothing to hold my brain in limits, it wandered off.

Is time travel possible at all? Well if it is, at some point of time from now, people would have already traveled through time, from future to the present and inform us about it! Like the wetbacks, he he.

The same applies to the Simulation of Life concept or the Matrix. If we, at all, are capable of a simulation as complex as the Matrix, then maybe we are already in a simulation! Think!

The power comes back, music starts right away, and I turn back to my acads :)

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