Dumb Sutton

It goes like this…

High End Graphics on a Modest Budget
IF YOU’RE JUST looking to upgrade a low-end system and aren’t planning to blow your budget on a top-of-the-range card right now, the LeadTek WinFast PX7950GT TDH, based on NVidia’s GeForce 7 Series, is a sensibly priced option. Since this card is based on.. .blah blah blah..
—Jesse Sutton

In the end it says Price: Rs. 21,000.

1. What the hell!? in what way is 21,000/- a modest budget? Even a rich fella would hesitate to buy one at that price just for graphics.
2. “IF YOU’RE JUST looking to upgrade a low-end system… ” Upgrading a low-end system with a 7950GT, its just stupidity. Considering the graphics card and its power a low end system here would be a Core 2 Duo E6300 based system, which incidentally isn’t low end in any imaginable way.
3. I still cannot understand how the editor thought the 21000 price tag as “without breaking the bank”.

That most misleading title and the most confusing review I ever read. Who ever that Jesse Sutton is.. dude/dudini.. which country are you from? This was an article from the PCWorld Jan 2007 magazine.

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