I’m still at my cousin’s place. I have nothing to do and today is a holiday, no academic work, no Monster to meddle with and no one to talk to, it’s an empty life. Amazingly though, I seem to like it. It is calm, pleasant and I don’t have a care in the world. I’m just passing time writing this crap while watching some lame movie.

I have been watching a lot of News lately and I led myself to the conclusion that every person in this world is crazy or insane to some extent, but there are some who are just completely stupid or bizarre, for example Salman Khan, Bangalore crowd, Christian missionaries, Shiv sena, Al Qaeda, etc.

Anyway….. I’ll get back to reading “Catch 22”, for the fourth time.

One thought on “Emptiness”

  1. abslutly agree about the bizarreness. you forgot to add bush to the list. Unfortunately, they seem to run the world!
    Awesome book- catch 22.Enjoy!

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