Fedora Core 6 + AIGLX.. naicee

I installed Fedora Core 6 on my monster. Finally… after 2 and half years since I bought this babe, I have a dual boot. At the expense of a RAID0 set though.

FC6 is almost same as all the other FCs but… it now has the AIGLX (Accelerated blah blah.. ) which makes it more Vista-ish. I tell you its just amazing. The window animations, the water/rain effects, the whole virtual desktop cube concept.. everything. I would recommend everyone to install it and check it out at least once. Downside though is that the installation and configuration process for AIGLX will take you through a complete Intermediate user tour, a boon and also a bane if you consider the time it takes.

Above all that, I had a serious problem, none of the apps, Yum especially seemed to connect to the internet, except luckily firefox. After hours and hours of troubleshooting, googling foruming, the I diagnosed it as a DNS malfunction on Linux’s side. Well Linux has problems with my Router being a DNS forwarded instead of a DNS Server. I took almost 8-9 hours altogether to figure the problem out and solve it. It was only after that I was able to setup AIGLX n other stuff.

I wanted to write a complete tut and a demo on that.. will do that soon 😉 just gotta find time.. driving a lot lately…

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