For the Love of god!

I am seriously pissed now!! The years coming to an end and so are all my computers and gadgets. FFS what the fuck is going on!?! 1st it was monster, then the GF5600XT, the RAM (512 DDR400), Sonly Clie, soon hdds died and now its the Laptop!! Look at it! The screen is fking broken!! (/me is down on his knees crying). This is really phrustrating. All my typo3 work, everything I ever coded is on that laptop. Well I know ways in which I can use it.. but I dont have a Laptop anymore! (/me rolls on the floor crying).
The only use I can see is to use it as a 24/7 server, and then I will have a dedicated server. Maybe I will put all my 3 comps on NFS, but am not sure, I will have to research extensively.
I just hope the year ends real quick, it has been nothing but the worst year in my entire life. one more week left, I am scared :(. I pray to you god, dont let anything else die! plzzzzz :((( Posted by Picasa

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