Gears of War

WOW! Amazing game really. The gameplay is impressive and the graphics are amazing. But the game is really buggy, it gets really annoying. It swaps even on a 2Gig machine resulting in a choppy movement.

The worst issue of all is the disappearing saved games. I don’t know where they are stored. I completed almost half the game in Hardcore level and when I restarted the game, puff! all the saved games vanished. I did create a live player profile. It worked perfectly till act 2. I entered Act 3 and then they vanish. Some people say they are stored on a Live account, but I don’t think that is my case because I don’t have a live account nor I let it connect to the Internet. I’ve been searching online for a good explanation and hopefully a fix, but found nothing yet.

Its a great game no doubt, but these small issues are really annoying and spoil the fun!

** Just installed the new Gears of Wars Patch #1, Hope this works, will install the live redistributable and see if anything works out.

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