Geek chatter

This is what you get when you allow 3 computer geeks obsessed with Japanese anime to chat.

Sesshomaru: anasa
Sasuke: 1 (1=Yes, Age of empires code)
Sesshomaru: we=1337 (1337 = elite in g33k world)
Sasuke: ??
Sesshomaru: me 27.06.. and Ichigo 28.88 in race 51 (NFS-MW Challenge Series Race 51, they were trying to set the fastest lap time, the times mentioned were the leads they had over the stipulated time)
Sesshomaru: >:)
Sesshomaru: suck on tHAT
Sasuke: awesome
Sasuke: in your system?
Sesshomaru: yea my 1337 reliable tokigin
Sasuke: I wonder
Sesshomaru: ah here starts the gay conspiracy
Ichigo: Sesshomaru‘s luck finally gave up…
Ichigo: he kept hitting all the rigs
Sasuke: :))
Sasuke: you still there?
Ichigo: ypu
Ichigo: ypu
Ichigo: yup
Sasuke: give the link for your blog
Sasuke: my system seems to have caught the disease from Sesshomaru‘s system
Sasuke: drove me nuts 5 minutes ago
Sesshomaru: your system always had the disease..
Sesshomaru: it was dormant
Sesshomaru: ours’ showed up in early stages so we were able to cure it..
Sesshomaru: now its too late for your..
Sesshomaru: we are very sorry dude
Sesshomaru: :(
Sasuke: I don’t think so
Sasuke: need to make it work for another year
Sasuke: and then I don’t care
Sesshomaru: yea well.. you can cheat death man
Sesshomaru: death is upon your sys
Sesshomaru: lingering
Sesshomaru: trying to snatch at the very moment it gives up
Sasuke: I thought it did
Sasuke: just now I thought my computer died
Sesshomaru: =))
Sesshomaru: what happened?
Sasuke: cause as soon as I connected to the net the system shutdown and the light inside the mobo was also off
Sasuke: I hit the power button and nothin hapened
Sasuke: happened
Sasuke: then I turn off the ups and then turn it on again
Sesshomaru: thats called a…
Sasuke: no life
Sesshomaru: heart attack.. or a cardiac arrest
Sesshomaru: too many and it will surely DIE
Sasuke: no light
Sasuke: no fans rotating
Sasuke: completely dead
Sasuke: no heart attack or arrest
Sasuke: no life at all
Sasuke: hmm……..I start thinking
Sasuke: then suddenly the damn thing turns on by itself
Sasuke: it must be cursed
Sesshomaru: hmm someone must have done a CPR
Sasuke: no cpr
Sesshomaru: YES!
Sesshomaru: i finally FIOed it (FIO= Figure it out)
Sesshomaru: your system is already dead
Sasuke: ??
Sesshomaru: what you are using is a GHOST
Sasuke: maybe
Sasuke: My comp does not want to leave me
Sesshomaru: there isnt enough spirit powetr inside you to keep the ghost alive
Sesshomaru: get the zangetsu
Sasuke: 1 min
Sasuke: brb
Sasuke: back
Sasuke: what can zangetsu do?
Sasuke: what I need is tenseiga
Sesshomaru: ROFL!
Sesshomaru: i dont think Sesshomaru will be willing to lend you that
Sasuke: we will make one ourself
Sesshomaru: good

It continues..

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