Gitex 2006

Me Arvind (greatguns) and Virat went all the way to Madhapur, aka Hi-Tech City to take a look at the GITEX 2006 Trade show at HI-TEX. Its something like CES but at a low level, showing off new technologies in India (may be a year old outside). The first hall we visted had nothing intresting, except for two stalls, one where Snowman heatsinks and cooling tech was on display and the other where in we saw the smallest USB flash drive, which can reach to a capacity of 4GB!

Thext next hall favoured our tastes, with 100s of laptops, desktops, workstations, server boards, iPods, Power supply stuff.. and more! Of all those, what impressed us the most was the 30gig Video iPod. Its sleeker than we thought and the video on that was extemely beautiful. It seems it can even play h.264 content!

Ah, and we also were given a demo on a new and upcoming free Voice email service. He made us talk in a microphone, and mailed that back to us! lol. We are gonna get invites to that service which still in a beta stage :). Crap!! I just realized! we gave them our mails ids! omg, I hope they don’t spam us!

I also got home two flashy gfx card leaflets from the Gigabyte stall, gonna stick em somewhere in the room :D. They are about ATi’s radeons, but wth, they look too cool (me==g33k)

I haven’t got much time, so postin the pics :).

LED Display

National Academy of Construction

2 Hippies under 2 Horns
Virat & Arvind

teh 30 gig Video iPod

Insides of a Gigabyte Rackmount server

Just 2 horns, no Hippies

All kinds of Thinkpads on Display

Force feedback Wheel

Iris Camera (Eye Scanner)

Sony Vaios and Acer lappys @ Laptop World

Hand Reader, something like a fingerprint scanner, but this one scans the whole hand!

Intex Woofer

A pre-Modded case! Finally!

My Babies, the new born on the left.

Compact USB Keyboard


So called l33t System.

Thats what I call a screen, 42″ BenQ

Smallest USB Flash Drive! 4gb max capacity!

also the thinnest ever!

Big Momma was also present!

Gimme Pipes! SnowMan heatsink with 4 heat pipes

Another snowman from the side

KAV!! (kisses)

BenQ LCD Displays

Thats it! Enjoy Sankranthi tomorrow! Cyas!

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