How I won 100 bucks! from Virat

Virat: ever tired it?
tHeSiD: no
tHeSiD: lol
tHeSiD: never got the chance
Virat: he use it on you
Virat: tell him to try it on a girl
tHeSiD: yeah
tHeSiD: but its a formidable option
Virat: yea
tHeSiD: btw..
tHeSiD: your theory of crossover sux
Virat: wtf?
tHeSiD: there is no need for a crossover
tHeSiD: a direct cable will work
tHeSiD: dumbo
Virat: and how will you do that?
tHeSiD: exactly as u said
tHeSiD: just no crossover
Virat: huh?
tHeSiD: yep
Virat: tell me
tHeSiD: i am 100%sure
Virat: how did you connect both the routers without crossover
tHeSiD: normal cable
tHeSiD: but this time i dont put it in the internet port but a normal port
Virat: it won’t work like that
tHeSiD: huh
tHeSiD: why not
tHeSiD: it will man
tHeSiD: i know
Virat: the normal port and the port for the modem are similar and need a cross over
tHeSiD: no they dont!!
Virat: dude…did you try it?
tHeSiD: bet?
Virat: dude…did you try it?
Virat: dude…did you try it?
tHeSiD: waht try
tHeSiD: ?
tHeSiD: i bet that there is no need for a crossover
Virat: did you do it for your router ?
tHeSiD: huh
tHeSiD: bet 1st man
Virat: bet
tHeSiD: how much
Virat: dude..just test it and see
Virat: it won’t work
tHeSiD: how much bet
Virat: this is all basic ccna stuff
tHeSiD: ill test it
Virat: test it
tHeSiD: bet how much
Virat: fo
tHeSiD: huh
tHeSiD: jackass
tHeSiD: 100rs
tHeSiD: bet
Virat: fine
tHeSiD: pakka?
Virat: yeah
tHeSiD: k
tHeSiD: one more thing
tHeSiD: i already tested
tHeSiD: it
tHeSiD: it doenst work on the crossver.
tHeSiD: the lights dont even blin
tHeSiD: k
tHeSiD: i put the normal cable instead of the crossover
Virat: I think you used the wrong cable
tHeSiD: it worked
tHeSiD: and i am on it now
tHeSiD: lol
Virat: I think you did it the other way around
tHeSiD: 100rs
tHeSiD: give em tomorrow
Virat: get the cable and I will see
tHeSiD: lol
tHeSiD: dide
tHeSiD: i used the same cable i used to put it in the internet port
tHeSiD: just put it in port 4 thats all
tHeSiD: and i set the ip add settins as u said
tHeSiD: it pinged
Virat: logoff and put it to that and come online
Virat: hmm…I have to see it
tHeSiD: everythings fine.. gsa not dropping
Virat: will see
tHeSiD: bring 100rs next time u come
Virat: fo I still don’t believe it
tHeSiD: bring na
tHeSiD: if its not working u dont need to give
tHeSiD: 😛

You have sent 1 photo to Virat.

tHeSiD: saw the pic?
Virat: 1
tHeSiD: so?
Virat: I will have to see the cables
tHeSiD: k come tomorrow.. you are too stubborn
tHeSiD: 😛
Virat: 😛


tHeSiD: 1
Virat: it seems to be working
tHeSiD: wat
Virat: checking why
tHeSiD: lol
tHeSiD: i am godder than u
Virat: maybe the switch acts as a uplink/normal too
Virat: you just put the conneciton and it happened to work
Virat: you don’t even know why
Virat: you just a lucky ass
tHeSiD: lol.. lucky enough to earn 100 bucks
Virat: fo
Virat: no 100
tHeSiD: what!
tHeSiD: ill tell inuyasha
tHeSiD: everthign
Virat: go ahead
Virat: he will fuck you to death
Virat: and I will destroy your monster
tHeSiD: damn you cheating cheapskate
Virat: just takes a touch
Virat: rofl
Virat: 😛
tHeSiD: atleast now i have a blog post
tHeSiD: >:)

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