I dont know!

I don’t know what I’m saying!
I don’t know what I’m doing!
I don’t know what I’m thinking!

All I was doing till now was to stare, yes just stare at the monitor for absolutely no reason whatsoever and sometimes drawing those square boxes on the desktop with the mouse. I feel like coding but no patience and no drive. Set up Flex and Eclipse yesterday and at the end of it, I got bored and slept. All the TV series ended, all at once and the worst time possible, summer holidays. If I go sit near the TV its either people crying in reality shows, Turks bombing masjids or some hippie American movie all the time and the worst of them all, those Bollywood concerts and festivals.

I’m passing most of the time by either by sms-ing, talking on phone or chatting. I know, I am a geek, or wait was I? I’m not supposed to do all that stuff but I seem to have no other option. I need something strong to work on, something which will keep me interested and occupied for a long time. Usually gaming did it, but I played and completed all the games out there and am bored of them. Unfortunately there aren’t any new interesting games out either. I actually am supposed to work on a project, but as I said before, no drive at all.

After a long time I was watching TV today, specially the news. It seems as though us Indians got fed up of a long peace period. The sand in the vaginas was accumulating for a long time now I guess, someone, of all places bombed a masjid. Well who ever did that was a genius. It was probably one of the toughest tasks to accomplish. Even the Home Minister of the State wasn’t allowed into the masjid after the incident, nor were the top police heads, and someone goes into such a “secure” place and plants a bomb in it. Amazing isn’t it. I wonder who did that. Who was daring enough to attack a Muslim holy site? It is not in us normal Hindus to plant bombs, our nature is to pelt rocks and shout that’s all. And Christians are probably busy converting everyone they find. Who could it be? I just can’t fathom the reason behind this nor who did it. Whoever did it, Bad Boy! Don’t do that again.

Now even if I want to roam outside from tomorrow I can’t. They said bandh already and the streets will be filled with protesting assholes who have absolutely no other work than to mess up the lives of others. So “going away from home” option is also now disabled. So no gym, no movies, no eating outside etc. Oh my god! I just realized I can’t do all these, shit. How could this get any worse? Damn.

Cartman: What’s wrong?? Has he been checked for bombs?
Mrs. Garrison: Eric, that’s enough! Not all Muslim people are terrorists!
Cartman: No, but most of them are. And all it takes is most of them.

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