I Hate Love.

When a person turns to wrong, is it a want to be, belong?
Part of things at any cost, at what price a life is lost

At what point do we begin, fighter spirit a will to win
But what makes a man decide, take the wrong or righteous road

There’s a thin line between love and hate
Wider divide that you can see between good and bad
There’s a grey place between black and white
But everyone does have the right to choose the path that he takes

We all like to put the blame on society these days
But what kind of good or bad a new generation brings

Sometimes take just more than that to survive be good at heart
There is evil in some of us no matter what will never change

I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
Heart will die, my soul will fly, and I will live forever

Just a few small tears between someone happy and one sad
Just a thin line drawn between being a genius or insane

At what age begin to learn of which way out we will turn
There’s a long and winding road and the trail is there to burn

That my friends, is the lyric of an Iron Maiden song, a song with a meaning. Compare that to “Jhalak Dikhlaja” from Aksar and you will know why I detest hindi/telugu songs in general. There are exceptions like Taal and DCH and more.. but in general they are always.. always about LOVE, even the movies’ core theme is love, always. Love here is the Love between a muscular hero and a naked heroine, monotonic. Get some new Ideas assholes.

Anyway, I ended my 4 day stay at my cousin’s place. It was nice to be away from home and the computers for a while. I was able to do some tasks, what I thought were impossible. Going to the gym for a full workout at 5 in the morning, reading novels, staying alive without computers were some of them. I’m back home now and I will try my best to continue what I started.

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