I shouldn’t have answered that call!

As the 3-hour lecture on orthogonal projections came to and end, I was dead tired, everyone was. Drawing classes in torrid weather have that effect on people. Anyway, we gathered enough strength to board the busses. One by one, busses departed the college “campus”. Adding to the wretchedness the iPod was low on battery since morning and it turned off soon after we left. En-route, out of nowhere my cell starts ringing and I answer the call. Some random person started talking and asked for someone called XXX, I asked him who he was and arrogantly he responded telling me that he was YYY. I was blank, I was pissed, I was not in the mood to continue the conversation so I pass on the phone to Sujit hoping for some comical conversation, which would cheer me up. He spoke two sentences and was confused and then he passed on the phone to Abhinav, another friend of mine. He grabbed the phone and started speaking dominantly, questioning the caller continuously. Just then, I realized, “WTF, I know XXX!” He was sitting right beside me! He used my cell to call up that YYY person and the YYY person called back to talk to him again. I was shocked; I quickly pulled the phone from Abhinav and gave it to XXX. They talked and everything was fine until YYY boarded our bus mid way, angry at the way he was treated. We did not know that he was YYY and the worst thing was, that guy was drunk! He was calling for “The guy who talked to me just on the phone”, WTF who would know, but soon we realized and sat quiet. However, XXX was a close friend of YYY; he leaked the fact that it was Abhinav, who ill-treated him. YYY was fired up and almost started a fight. Ah, I forgot, YYY also brought a gunda kinda fella along with him who was drunk too! Now, messing with drunken ego maniacs/gundas is not a good idea. We stuck to peace rather than fighting our way through. As the heat began to rise, the other students in the bus quickly subdued them. They get off the bus and everyone heave a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, I was fucking tense and so was Abhinav, after all he was the one they were after and it was my phone. I was at fault too. I apologized to Abhinav for throwing him into all the mess.

Moral of the story, “Don’t mess with wrong calls!” and “Don’t involve other people when trying to mess with wrong calls!”

What a day! I am glad, everything settled. These types of fights lead to dire consequences. One should quickly pacify the hot ones or it will get out of control.

Quote of the day:

Chef: You’re gay though, Mr. Garrison.
Mr. Garrison: What, I’m not gay. I act this way to get chicks, dumbass.

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