Thanks to the incompetency of some specific number of people, our 1st internal online quizes were cancelled. I was all happy coz I cud finallly MP at IIIT. Multiplayer(MP) gaming rocks.

The first day, myself and Virat went all the way there to participate. But by the time we reached there on his bike, our asses were numb, it was some 40km journey. As soon as we reached the gaming arena, my ass was fully active and was ready to support me. First up was NFS, the 1st round was easy both of ur cleared it. Then in the 2nd round we both were in the same race and only 2 were to be selected, we were sure that only one would qualify. Luckily using team tactics and helping each other out, he was 1st and I was 2nd, we both qualified. Next was Unreal Tournament 2004, a game I played only for 5 minutes in all my life time. It was viks 2nd round match, sadly he lost to some pro UTer. Soon it was my 1st round, I was put up againt some n00bie player, who sucked more than I did, I won. It was almost lunchtime and we off to eat something, we had a 1/2 biryani and were back to the arena for my UT 2nd round. This time I had to battle another n00bie, I won! lol!. The remaining rounds were on the next day, and since we had nothing else to do we returned home.

We were a little late the second day, coz I was feeling too sleepy. This time we didnt want our asses to bottleneck our performace, so we went in the car. Again a loooong journey!. As soon as we went we were made to participate in the 3rd round of NFS, we two were again in the same race, we decided to use the same car, the Porche Carrera GT. The race started and right in the 1st turn vik was rammed and his car was flipped, I was running 2nd for a while till I lost complete control over my car and started skidding everywhere. We both lost :( . So much for NFS. It was my UT third round, it was against a IIIT player, I thought I was screwed and didnt care much, but my grenade skill in quake came to the rescue, the only weapon I used in the game was the Flak gun, using the alternate fire and my grenade prediction skills I was able to beat him easily. I was into the 4th round, The Semi-Final!! Too much for a 1st time player :D. Its was unavoidable and I had to play a pro, I was raped, 25-2 was the final score. My position in UT was very bad, I didnt know where the score was, I only knew one map and that was the one I played the day before the first time (some Idoma) and I cud use only the rocket and the flak gun.

UT ended and soon the big CS matches started, in between all the chaos I saw someone playing AOC, the only game other than Q3A which pushes my concentration to its limits. I asked if I could play, I was allowed to :). It was a 2v2, I forgot everything in AOC too, I was completely unaware of the boar, I realized I had to hunt the boar only when I accidentally saw it on the map :D. hit castle by 20, trained some knights and started the battle, after a while we won! I was happy, my l33t gaming skillz were still in good enough even after an 9month break :D. A happy ending :)

BTW, Our online tests start again from tomorrow! ROFL! Hope they get it right this time else I’m gonna go crazy.

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