In the ditch again

Crap, monster gave up when I left it idle and went out. HDD crashed and the now existing windows install says “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME”. The SMPS is acting so gay, even the motherboard is reporting a “Fail” status to core components like VCore etc. I don know how long I can make this thing last. Above all this there is this problem of keyboard and mouse dying all off a sudden when I’m working. Although I have Guns’ Antec SMPS, the true power 500W one, it make the system dance on power, so thats useless. I’m on my trustworthy FC6 install now, my vista expired so this was the only last option I had. This works really well so I’m gonna settle with this tonight.

Virat seems to be having some big personal issue. I wonder what it is. His blog post is vague and doesnt reveal any clues. I gotta get it out of him but he refuses to type all that and now I dont have voice chat. (/me searches for skype linux.). He says its 100 time worse than the problem thats been bothering me since 2 months (mines no way related to computers). I don’t think his is either. Where are you dude!! I am waiting!

If anyone comes to my house I might play with their blood
– kvickyk when i asked him what he was doing for holi.

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