Inmates’ World

Ooof! Lab externals are over now its time for the big ones. However my prep hasn’t started yet, I’m so busy with Prison Break that I have postponed everything to Monday. Unfortunately though, I came to know that its going into an other season, again, another series which I thought would end being extended, sucks.

I recently was in possession of the N90; my dream phone and I must say it is great. The video is crisp the photos are crystal clear only drawback being its size, its huge and heavy and take 3-4 secs to just answer a call. Too bad my cousin wants it back when she returns home.

Also, I was just recently promoted from driver post to a driver + IMAX tour guide at home. If you pluck one strand of hair for every km I drove an entire family will be bald, driving is fun though hitting 90 or 100 in a maruti is hair raising.

Guns was kind enough to give me his 2000Rs 500W SMPS for testing. It seems to work fine, although my hard disks are still on the edge; I guess they crossed the point of no return in damages. To completely stabilize the system I had to install windows for about 6 times. I was never so confused, what the hell happened to those hard disks?! What was the exact reason!? A million dollar question. I still often get the scandisk but I think I will not touch the installation till my externs finish. I even used a multi-meter to check the voltages on the output and everything is normal. Stress test is postponed to after the externs, it need too much time. 😀

I was also bored in between the Prison Break episodes so I made this updated pic of my work desk.

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