It was easy the last time

As I mentioned before, I have to develop a website for my aunt’s infertility clinic. So far, no progress of any kind. I’m still confused on the template, wether to use Photoshop and make one or use css layouts. Both have their own advantages.

The last time when I designed the college website, I used a CMS, it was easy then coz there was no better option than a css template. I used a CMS coz its a big site and it needs to be updated frequently. This time though, Its not a big site and it contains purely static content which rarely needs to be updated, which led me to decide on doing it with my bare hands, ie dreamweaver and PS.

I want to make it look good and professional, and thus my problems. I’m right now in favour of CSS coz its a lot more flexible, easier to handle and gives me more control over the layout of the pages. But PS also is not a bad option, I can show off some l33t skillz there too, ( I got the Photoshop idea from Virat, who is a l33t3r photoshopper than I am. Hes is designing a site for his college’s cult fest. ) but managing the slices may be difficult and aslo I strictly wanna follow a table-less design.

It has been 3 hours and I’m yet to decide on the tech to use. I wonder how long will the design take 😐

BTW, monster working a lot better than before, I still get the scandisc once in a while, but I can work on it with dreamweaver, photoshop and firefox all running simultaneously on 512MB RAM!. Benchmaked it using PCMark04 and 3DMark06 and the scores were 4500/5000 , 980/1033 (stock/O.Ced) respectively. Pretty impressive :)

/me hugs monster

Quote of the Day :

Kyle: Chef, we need Butters to gain about 50 pounds, fast.
Chef: Well, if you want him to get really fat as fast as possible, one of you will have to marry him.
Stan: Marry him?
Chef: It definitely worked for every woman I’ve ever met.

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