Laptop that made my computers scream

Woke up very late, around 1230 in the afternoon. The reason behind waking up so early was that, all the computers in the house started screaming, literally. It was Kaspersky warning that there were port scans and intrusion attempts!, In all the three computers! After freshening up, I sat down to analyze what the fuck happened. Somebody turned on the latop a friend gave me two days ago for some maintainace work. Accidentally the network cable was plugged in, and coz my router assigns IPs via DHCP, that lappy was online in no time. It was filled with virii and spyware! and all those were trying to spead in my LAN! They made up my 100Mbit wireless router hang up! It was time to take some drastic measures, I had to introduce kaspersky to that system. I did. It detected nearly 400 infected files, and cleaned or deleted every single one! Then it was time for spyware to go, installed spybot, it found nearly 100 spyware entries! What the fuck was that guy doing on that comp all this time!?

Everytime the lappy booted, It showed a command window executing something, a bot to be specific. It was showing what it was doing very clearly, like when a service starts up in verbose mode. All the time I was under the assumption that it was some software installed by the user (me==noobie! 🙁 ) but it was a virus starting up and initializing its bot!!! and Kaspy took care of it. Spybot found so much spyware that it wants to scan and clean again after a reboot! ROFL! With kaspersky and spybot installed, that lappy is never going to get infected by another virus or spyware! I always trusted Kaspersky and it proved itself again!

After all this, I went on to the terrace to check on the number of kites flying in the sky, and there were NONE! Population in our area almost doubled (with all the new apartments buildings) since the last time I flew kites. I expected the number of kites to double too, but there were none! wtf! Has everyone turned into those zombies which watch whatever that comes on TV?? or is everyone that lazy? or are they just scared that they might get a sunburn? Seems like I have to go to some other part of the city to fully enjoy pongal. I just hope there are atleast a few kite flyers tomorrow to play with.

Safri Duo rock! They are just amazing. Baya baya and Played-a-live are some of the best tracks from them. Listen and you will never forget. Scooter also is a good artist. These 3 trax were on my repeat playlist since evening, and I am still not bored!

Quote of the Day :

Mr. Garrison: Who was in charge of the feminist movement of the early ’60’s?
Cartman: A bunch of fat old skanks on their periods.
Mr. Garrison: Right. But who was the fattest, oldest skank on her period?

One thought on “Laptop that made my computers scream”

  1. It was Kaspersky

    I had to introduce Kaspersky to that system.

    I always trusted Kaspersky and it proved itself again!

    ting tring……….

    use Kaspersky and ur comp will be safe.

    ting tring ……


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