Luck favours the lazy

Ever since my domains expired along with my hosting. I rarely cared about this site and I was “microblogging”. The time for this to come back up and showcase my stuff is very important. My hosting was cancelled during my move from the USA to India and the whole moving process erased the whole memory that this site existed, as a result I lost all the data on the previous site. It was nothing but my lack of long term memory coupled with laziness. Luckily, all my posts were backed up in the last place I expected,! They are not technically available directly to import here but the content and images are still cached there. Godsend really. I shall be “importing” the important and popular posts (everything but my emotional ramblings) back on to this site soon and till then, below are the links for the old posts.

Latest posts are here:

The older ones are here:

Things to do now are to design a template for this thing, I really like my old one but I am thinking some new style for this one and import the content from Who would have thought your content would be backed up by some site you never even visited, as I said Luck. I would buy a beer for if it were a person.

Also, GoDaddy stole my domain name ( and I am trying to get it back from them and they are basically trying to extort the shit out of me.

Till then, Ciao!

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