Man of the Match

It was a bright sunny saturday, all was going well untill we decided to play a cricket match on our college grounds. Everyone was ready, but there was one problem, 2 other departments also wanted to play each other on the same ground at the same time. Somehow managed and gain ed rights to play. Also, some people got involved in a small oral fight, but were subdued quickly.

Play commenced, the opposition (IT Dept) were batting first. After a few loose overs, our blowling tightened and they were restricted to a chasable 101 (16 overs). The score was 73 at the end of 9 overs but tight bowling restricted them to score only 30 runs in the next 7 overs. As for me, my ankle was not healed and I was stationed behind the wicket keeper, the 3rd man, or whatever that position is called. I just had to stop the ballz that went past the keeper. Thanks to the elite skills of our wicket keeper “Avinash” I didnt have much work to do. I just stood under the tree shade throughout the innings.

With 100 runs to chase our batsmen went on to the field (At this point the bats we were supposed to play with were completely useless, ones handle was broken and the other kept throwing wooden chips everytime it hit the ball). Soon a couple of them were back and the captain, Abhinav was in, everything stablized and it was almost a sureshot victory, but all of a sudden everyone was out and at the stage where we needed 3 runs I had to go in, I was the last wicket, plenty of overs were left. My heart was beating faster than the time I did a 45min workout on a crosstrainer. I went in as the runner, 2 runs were scored quicly. I was at the crease, my only job was NOT to get out!, seems simple but I haven’t batted since my 10th class. It was the last ball in the over, I had to stop the ball no matter what; it came quickly at me, I put the bat to stop it, to my dismay it just beat me and went through the gap between the bat and the pad. I was in shock for a second as they were appealing for a caught behind wicket. NOT OUT! yay!. Next over, 1st ball, a “Late cut” bt Vishal gave us the last run needed and It was victory again! I then declare myself the Man of the Match, common, I saved thier asses!

Celebrations all over. But soon we faced yet another problem, trasnportation. No jeeps no busses nothing. After waiting for a while one jeep finally came to the rescue, but with people already in it. We were 12, it was one jeep. With no mercy whatsoever on the jeep, all of us somehow managed to fit in with 3 on the roof 4 on the bonet 3 behind, hanging from the footrest and 1 hanging from the side and the rest inside. I was sitting on the bonet, and my ass soon was as hot as burning coal, 2.7kms @ 20kmph. It was hot!! but fun!. A great new experience.

Pic of my buddy sankalp hanging from the side of the jeep which i captured while sitting on the hot bonet 😀

Quote of the Day :

Cartman: You have rats in your house, too, Kenny?
Kenny: Mm-hm.
Cartman: Seriously, you better stop being so poor or else I’m gonna start huckin’ rocks at you.

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