Rains not only drown Hyderabad but also, kill my net connection. This is what it used to be in the before days. It got worse; the internet service at my home had reached a stage where it works only when it wants to or if the ISP wants it to, whether it rains or not is irrelevant. So if I want to access the net, I have to call the ISP and yell at him and his lousy service and then hope I’ll get connected. It is analogous to a dial up connection where the yelling relates to the gibberish sounds the modem makes when it connects. However, after a few days of successive dial-up-isp-get-cable-internet-for-20min-at-50%packetloss-5KBps, everything shut down. The connection doesn’t even exist now. The internet led on my router doesn’t blink anymore, at the same time though I went off to live at my aunt’s place and was not bothered about it. Meanwhile at home dad and sis were paranoid over the lack of packets and started calling me for access as if I were an intermediate server. A week later I called him up and howled for I think almost twenty-five minutes telling him that if he didn’t fix it by the next day evening I would no longer be paying for his services, assuming he would ignore my threat I called up home and requested dad also to serve an ultimatum. I was expecting this plan to work, but it seems he never sent a single person for check-up or call back. I was amazed at their customer service; he has such a big base of ignorant users he decided to completely ignore us. Finally, to sum up I don’t have an always on connection anymore, which renders all my systems completely useless even the monster.

Luckily though, I have a Tata-Indicom wireless phone line which provides internet access via dial-up at 40ps per min. I think I will be on this for a while and hence my presence online will decrease drastically. Right now I am on a mission to convince people at home to get a BSNL line and improve their cyber-lives. I think its working, and so well that if I were a BSNL salesman I would have sold a thousand connections by now. Only issues being the initial 2000Rs+ installation, the 900Rs monthly rental and if BSNL is in we have to disconnect the wireless line. A hard notion for my father to digest on but I’m willing to wait.

Notice: All Schumacher/Ferrari fans, it is requested that you perform a ritual/prayer/ceremony/sacrifice/offering in your respective religion and ask your god to crash Alonso in the coming Hungarian GP. This will close up the championship tables and make the season more interesting. Thank you.

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