Monster haunted?

Ok, I should not have written the entry on windows installation lasting that long. Monster almost died just now. At boot up it popped up an error message telling me that the NTFS.sys was corrupt! I didn’t care about that and just hard-rebooted it for 3 times and it worked! It started normally, although it was a long 5 min startup which is a sign of my hard disks failing. Now Firefox doesn’t open, and some apps don’t seem to work coz some of the files are corrupted. I believe this erratic behavior is due to the Copernic Desktop search trashing the drives continuously whenever I left it idle. Just when I thought it was all going well something happens. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with the drives, a file corrupt a second ago gets repaired after 3 reboots? Strange! If anyone knows what the exact problem or the theory behind what’s going on, please do tell me.

I’ve scheduled the windows scandisk to check my drive on the next reboot. That usually solves the problem provided the system boots windows without issues; at least till the scandisk screen appears.


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