Monster v3

With friends visiting home from the USA and a sudden inflow of cash led to me upgrading my system. This is third and probably last version of my System.

It all started off when I was in Delhi where I bought my first PC.
2.8GHz P4, 2×512 DDR400, 2x80GB RAID0, Geforce 5600XT, Gigabyte GA-8KNXP.
That time everything cost me 10k each, processor 10k, RAM 10k etc. The Mobo was quite expensive, it cost me around 13k. It worked fine all the time I was in Delhi, sometimes the RAID setup was giving me a lot of problems. Other than that it was all fine. When I returned back to HYD the 5600XT fried, so I then got a 6800GT (import). That was probably the worst thing every happened to me.

I was so happy when I got the card, but all that joy dwindled soon. As time passed, almost every component started failing, hard disks first, RAM, then finally the mobo. The mobo was the worst, the whole power circuitry melted in front of my eyes and I could smell the smoke. Lucky me, the mobo had a Dual Power System, as a result it JUST worked. The reason behind all this was very trivial, none of the components were getting any power, especially in stressed states. The culprit was the 6800Gt, it hogged so much power, that nothing was left for the rest. I managed somehow, without gaming or any other GPU intensive tasks.

While I was in a miserable state and with no cash to buy a proper SMPS, I got the news that Guns was leaving to the USA. I was happy, not coz he was going but coz then I could snatch is Antec 500W. He left, I snatched. To my horror, that Antec was already in a dire state. You might not belive this but its true, I had to heat the SMPS for 10 mins with a Hair dryer just to make it start. After starting though, it was all stable and was able to power the 6800GT.

I then started gaming again and since god likes to screw with me, one fine day the whole mobo went bust. This was around 4 or 5 months ago, at that time there were no motherboard supporting the processor. I was stuck.

Then Monster v2 arrived. This time I didnt buy it but I snatched Guns’ WHOLE system! :D. It was an AMD 3200+, 2×512 DDR400, MSI K8N-SLI and a 7800GT. It was working great.

The Antec died (FFS). I gave it for repair as it was still under warranty and got myself a Zebronics 500W. I worked fine but I was still weary of the power quality and thus never actually stressed the system much. They returned the Antec to me but it still had the same problem. I needed the Antec bad, so this time I took a screwdriver and smashed some of the capacitors/resistors on the inside. I had to make sure it didnt work. It didnt! I returned it.

To my amazement after a month they gave me an Antec 550W TRIO series! Apparently they didn’t have the old model and had to replace the old one with the new model. All this though wasn’t that easy, stupid Guns didn’t tell me where he had bought it from. I had to go to the reseller for replacement and they refused to take from end customers. After some 20 calls and a merciless bombardment of the word “WHY”, they accepted to take it and replace it.

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