Knock knock,
“kaun hai yaar”
“oye vote dene aajana paanch baje”
“theek hai”
“kya kar raha hai”
“so raha hun yaar, aajaunga”
“chal bhoolna mat”
“haan haan”

P-Day!! Poltu Day! The day finally arrived. Full scale poltu this year, far worse and confusing than I expected. One guy comes in and hints you one set, another, a completely different set. Strangely though, our dept. (EP) took keen interest in poltu this year and bagged 3 major posts, Mess, Maintenance and Computer Room Secy! Even after so much poltu, the results came up as all expected. The best parts of this are the Treats. As soon as the results were announced junta was literally was piling up on the winners for the treats, as a result we are were presented with loads and load of Pizzas, Drinks and Snacks.

Leaving this aside, I have broken my own record of being awake for the longest time, 46 Hours, my previous record being 42h. I am in the 47th hour right now and since I am going to sleep now, I don’t think I should count this hour. 46h doesn’t look impressive when considering I slept for only 8 hrs and was awake for 64 hrs. All this because of a stupid lab of ours, messed up my sleep cycle and had to make space for the lab.

When I was at the CSC today a friend of mine introduced me to a MMORPG, Kings of Chaos, and said it was just like Age of Empires but it was all web-based. erm. These kinds of games are not for me! Then I stumbled upon A3 India, an interesting game, it’s worth a try and also it’s free.

Comedy central aired the new South Park episode 904-Best friends forever. I must say, it was the best episode so far in the season. All the others weren’t that good, Carman trying to get rid of Hippies was fun but not as fun as Hell vs Heaven and where “Kenny is basically Keanu Reaves” of heaven. This episode also had a thing on Terri Schiavo, not in a mocking kind of a way but showing how people and media make things worse.

/me gets ready to Hibernate.

Quote of the Day:
“We are out-numbered and in need of someone who can single handedly bring the whole dark empire down. Basically Kenny, you are Keanu Reaves.” – Angel Michael in Heaven.

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