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In one of the latest episodes of Top Gear, they tested the Bugatti Veyron and pushed it to its max speed. I was done on a secret, private Volkswagen circuit. That made me wonder, What is the relation between Bugatti and Volkswagen?. A quick search revealed a lot of interesting and shocking facts.

All the time I was under the impression that each car brand is completely independent and that the competition is fierce among them. I was wrong, for example, Volkswagen owns nine, NINE!, different brands some of which are Audi, Lambo, Bugatti, Porsche. I was quite amazed by that. So went on to research on other car brands.

The worst part of this search task was that I found some statements which really hurt my confidence in car knowledge. You see, after watching Top Gear in the amounts I do, we usually develop this feeling, rather, a belief that all Vauxhall cars are useless and that they are the worst of the lot. Its an impression Jezza creates in all the viewers by stressing that fact in almost all the episodes.

When I clicked on the Vauxhall wiki page, it had this.

Vauxhall Motors is a UK car company. It is a subsidiary of General Motors. Most current Vauxhall models are right-hand drive derivatives of GM’s Opel brand

That statement devastated me. Why? I have an Opel Corsa, and so now its can also be a Vauxhall Corsa. First when I heard of the Vauxhall Corsa, I though it was a coincidence that they had the same name, little I knew it was the same Corsa. Damn. But hey its not a Vauxhall Vectra and some Vauxhalls are good too! Take the VX220 for example, its better than the Lotus Elise!

I still love the corsa 😀

Some of the major car companies and their brands…


  • Audi (Germany)
  • Bentley (Great Britan)
  • Bugatti (France)
  • Lamborghini (Italy)
  • Porsche (Germany)
  • SEAT (Spain)
  • Å koda (Czech Republic)
  • Volkswagen (Germany)
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (Germany)

General Motors

  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • GMC
  • Daewoo
  • Holden,
  • Hummer
  • Opel
  • Pontiac
  • Saab
  • Saturn
  • Vauxhall


  • Alfa Romeo
  • Lancia
  • Ferrari (Run autonomously)
  • Fiat
  • Maserati
  • Iveco
  • Autobianchi
  • Innocenti
  • Abarth


  • Aston Martin
  • Jaguar
  • Ford
  • Daimler (division of Jaguar)
  • Land Rover
  • Rover
  • Volvo
  • Mazda(33.4% share)


  • BMW
  • Rolls Royce
  • Mini


  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Scion


  • Honda
  • Acura


  • Dacia
  • Renault F1
  • Renault Samsung Motors
  • Renault Sport

Now before you compare a lambo to an audi, think twice :P.


At the height of its power the Highone’s dominion was vast stretching from the gothic arches of arena gate to the cold space of DM17. Over 3 Quarters of the ROID (Rest of IIT Delhi) were pillaged and Fragged under the rule of the Highones. In the Winter of 2004 A.D. The High Ones’ 4 year campaign against the barbarian ROIDS in the arena was drawing to an end. Just one final stronghold stands in the way of the High Ones’ superiority and their dominion throughout the empire…..

How I won 100 bucks! from Virat

Virat: ever tired it?
tHeSiD: no
tHeSiD: lol
tHeSiD: never got the chance
Virat: he use it on you
Virat: tell him to try it on a girl
tHeSiD: yeah
tHeSiD: but its a formidable option
Virat: yea
tHeSiD: btw..
tHeSiD: your theory of crossover sux
Virat: wtf?
tHeSiD: there is no need for a crossover
tHeSiD: a direct cable will work
tHeSiD: dumbo
Virat: and how will you do that?
tHeSiD: exactly as u said
tHeSiD: just no crossover
Virat: huh?
tHeSiD: yep
Virat: tell me
tHeSiD: i am 100%sure
Virat: how did you connect both the routers without crossover
tHeSiD: normal cable
tHeSiD: but this time i dont put it in the internet port but a normal port
Virat: it won’t work like that
tHeSiD: huh
tHeSiD: why not
tHeSiD: it will man
tHeSiD: i know
Virat: the normal port and the port for the modem are similar and need a cross over
tHeSiD: no they dont!!
Virat: dude…did you try it?
tHeSiD: bet?
Virat: dude…did you try it?
Virat: dude…did you try it?
tHeSiD: waht try
tHeSiD: ?
tHeSiD: i bet that there is no need for a crossover
Virat: did you do it for your router ?
tHeSiD: huh
tHeSiD: bet 1st man
Virat: bet
tHeSiD: how much
Virat: dude..just test it and see
Virat: it won’t work
tHeSiD: how much bet
Virat: this is all basic ccna stuff
tHeSiD: ill test it
Virat: test it
tHeSiD: bet how much
Virat: fo
tHeSiD: huh
tHeSiD: jackass
tHeSiD: 100rs
tHeSiD: bet
Virat: fine
tHeSiD: pakka?
Virat: yeah
tHeSiD: k
tHeSiD: one more thing
tHeSiD: i already tested
tHeSiD: it
tHeSiD: it doenst work on the crossver.
tHeSiD: the lights dont even blin
tHeSiD: k
tHeSiD: i put the normal cable instead of the crossover
Virat: I think you used the wrong cable
tHeSiD: it worked
tHeSiD: and i am on it now
tHeSiD: lol
Virat: I think you did it the other way around
tHeSiD: 100rs
tHeSiD: give em tomorrow
Virat: get the cable and I will see
tHeSiD: lol
tHeSiD: dide
tHeSiD: i used the same cable i used to put it in the internet port
tHeSiD: just put it in port 4 thats all
tHeSiD: and i set the ip add settins as u said
tHeSiD: it pinged
Virat: logoff and put it to that and come online
Virat: hmm…I have to see it
tHeSiD: everythings fine.. gsa not dropping
Virat: will see
tHeSiD: bring 100rs next time u come
Virat: fo I still don’t believe it
tHeSiD: bring na
tHeSiD: if its not working u dont need to give
tHeSiD: 😛

You have sent 1 photo to Virat.

tHeSiD: saw the pic?
Virat: 1
tHeSiD: so?
Virat: I will have to see the cables
tHeSiD: k come tomorrow.. you are too stubborn
tHeSiD: 😛
Virat: 😛


tHeSiD: 1
Virat: it seems to be working
tHeSiD: wat
Virat: checking why
tHeSiD: lol
tHeSiD: i am godder than u
Virat: maybe the switch acts as a uplink/normal too
Virat: you just put the conneciton and it happened to work
Virat: you don’t even know why
Virat: you just a lucky ass
tHeSiD: lol.. lucky enough to earn 100 bucks
Virat: fo
Virat: no 100
tHeSiD: what!
tHeSiD: ill tell inuyasha
tHeSiD: everthign
Virat: go ahead
Virat: he will fuck you to death
Virat: and I will destroy your monster
tHeSiD: damn you ..you cheating cheapskate
Virat: just takes a touch
Virat: rofl
Virat: 😛
tHeSiD: atleast now i have a blog post
tHeSiD: >:)

Dumb Sutton

It goes like this…

High End Graphics on a Modest Budget
IF YOU’RE JUST looking to upgrade a low-end system and aren’t planning to blow your budget on a top-of-the-range card right now, the LeadTek WinFast PX7950GT TDH, based on NVidia’s GeForce 7 Series, is a sensibly priced option. Since this card is based on.. .blah blah blah..

—Jesse Sutton

In the end it says Price: Rs. 21,000.

1. What the hell!? in what way is 21,000/- a modest budget? Even a rich fella would hesitate to buy one at that price just for graphics.
2. “IF YOU’RE JUST looking to upgrade a low-end system… ” Upgrading a low-end system with a 7950GT, its just stupidity. Considering the graphics card and its power a low end system here would be a Core 2 Duo E6300 based system, which incidentally isn’t low end in any imaginable way.
3. I still cannot understand how the editor thought the 21000 price tag as “without breaking the bank”.

That most misleading title and the most confusing review I ever read. Who ever that Jesse Sutton is.. dude/dudini.. which country are you from? This was an article from the PCWorld Jan 2007 magazine.

me n my M800 doing Handbrake turns

(EDIT: not very old :D) Old but I forgot to post this to the blog 😀 (filmed on 22nd Jan 2007, Sru’s Bday)
Those aren’t exactly Handbrake turns but, my attempts to do a 180, succeeded a couple of times, in the end tho i couldn’t nullify the fact that I was in a 10 year old Maruti 800 with no power steering, a bumpy cricket ground and a primitive handbrake.

I really gotta learn how to drift, but its really hard to find a rear wheel drive machine. A RWD is the way to go coz A front wheel drive can not whip it’s tail out because the tires are being driven in the front as opposed to the rear. So when approaching a turn only thing that can be done is to pull the handbrake to cause traction loss in the case of a FWD. I wonder if I keep the car sliding through the turn. If anyone knows a nice place to try this out, do enlighten me! and do 4WDs (4X4) drift? In theory they shouldn’t but I have seen this gallardo spyder drift, in top gear I think and I believe its a 4wd. Any idea anyone?

and… I apologize for the inadvertent pmsing in the other post 😉

Something has to be done to firefox

Someone has to design a garbage collector for Firefox, Its eating every byte I have! All the other browsers are under the same conditions.. 1/2hr of browsing each. Opera lowest as you can see.. and VirtualDub running encoding a RAW AVI didnt need any memory. It doesn’t matter to me but on slower systems its a pain. People of the Moz! fix the damn leaks! please!

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