Rock exploration

I had to go to a friends house around 1030 in the morning, but my sleep cycle was messed up. What can I say.. Holidays… slept around 0400hrs. With great difficulty, after making the cell phone go into snooze mode for about 15-20 times (each snooze lasts 5 mins) I finally was fully awake. Bathed and dressed up quick, had my breakfast and was ready to leave.

But, mom’s rangoli was still intact and reversing the car over it was a delicate issue. After five minutes and some math calculations the path was clear to me. Started the engine, let it heat, put it reverse, slowly started moving it. Half-way through, I realized I not only was over it but both the rear tyres were on it!! Crap! I could do nothing but keep going in the same direction. Ever so slowly, got it completely out and was out of the car in an instant to check on my lifeline. I live! Nothing bad happened since I moved very slowly, every color was intact! YAY! My l33t driving skills save me again!

With great relief I reached the senior’s house, we had to discuss about our plan of action on how we were going to setup the college website. They all finally agreed on my present design, with some minor changes. They were all into rock music, so rock music was on the way. All great songs from the age of Led Zeppelin to In Flames were reviewed. I never listened to most the bands played. I was impressed, have to collect all those songs from him :D.

Coming home late in the afternoon I had nothing to do. In an instant I was on the terrace with my kite and the charka. Cut one kite, lost one, got bored coz I was alone and came back down. Fired up NFS MW, reached till the 4th place in the Blacklist. Guns aka Arvind then came over. He showed off his l33t skillz in evading the level 4 cops and reached level 5 where he was eventually busted. We both then went on to the terrace, again lost one, cut one and were back coz of poor lighting. He dumped all my music onto his HDD, and then we were off to Vik’s place for the latest Bleach episode (Bleach is a Japanese anime series which I stared following 2 months ago). It sucked, there was nothing new, it was a recap episode, which lasted 1hr :(.

I have to submit my BEE (Basic elec engg.) assignment tomorrow, and I havet even started it! Im gonna get screwed tomorrow.

Quote of the Day :

Butters: I don’t think I’m very happy. I always fall asleep to the sound of my own screams.
Stephen: Right, Uh, see the reason that you are…
Butters: And then I always get woken up in the morning to my own screams. Do you think I’m unhappy?

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