Sailin away….

Intel was an enormous company. They could build a chip based on the most crappiest design possible (the Itanium) and make it through sheer will power. Except that it doesn’t work and it cost them dearly. They could build another chip based on the second most crappiest design possible (the Pentium 4) and make it through sheer will power. Except that it doesn’t work and now they are falling behind.

A comment on “What is the Intel Switch Costing Apple?”
ROFL! Bwahahahaha! (I’m still an Intel fan)

Again, very very busy lately. Washing machine hunting, lab work, eating and the most time consuming was NFS Most Wanted! Finally completed it! Only the last police chase was hard.

I also got a 50cd pack of ubuntu cds, for free! lol. Gave away 25 and I still have 25! What to do what to do?

Ubuntu CD Box!

While conducting an exhaustive search for my NIIT Certificates, I found a copy of monsters bill! :), but didnt find the cerificates. Got new ones from them coz the name on the lost ones was printed wrong, so no loss.

Monster’s bill

Watching the series Lost atm, lost touch coz its been 2 months since I’ve seen any episode, thus I’m “Lost in Lost” and am trying to figure out whats going on.

No quote of the day, too lazy to go the site and find a new one 😀

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Scooter – Nessaja

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  1. hi,

    came across ur blog today. read that u play nfsmw a lot.
    so how abt playing it on a more competitive level.

    we at IIIT-Hyderabad are going to have our college fest this feb 3-5th

    part of which is zombie-zone, the gaming event. the games are cs, nfs, fifa and ut
    last yr we had the best clans of hyderabad like the 4mac, abc abc2, dl etc participating in condition zero


    or mail to threads AT students.iiit DOT ac DOT in

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