Cartman: Uh, yes, I’ve come to return these pubes that I purchased, please?
Scott: Uh uh, I don’t take returns!
Cartman: Right, but you see, I didn’t realize, when I bought these pubes from you, that you were full of shit! So you can either give me back my ten dollars, or I can go tell my mom on you!
Scott: You would actually tell your mom that you were stupid enough to pay for my pubes? Huh uh, I don’t think soho!
Cartman: Just give me back my money…
Scott: Buyer beware, dude!
Cartman: Gimme my ten dollars, Scott!
Scott: Hehey, I said no! Now get your fat little butt out of here before I kick your head in!

Well this is what my conversation with Arvind would be like, just replace pubes with SMPS. If he were here in this country right now I would have organized my own Chili Con Carnival made a pony bite off his weiner.

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