Sprained ankle and The Cave

I was woken up at 0700hrs in the morning, on a day which could have easily been my sleep compenstaion day (The day I compensate for my late night adventures by sleeping as long as possible) by a friend, who, last night somehow convinced me to play a cricket match at the college grounds. Their plan was to reach coll by 0930hrs and start the match 1000hrs, but it all crumpled when some players didnt show up and also, most of us didnt have any bikes or cars. Relying on the RTC we finally reached the grounds around 1130hrs. The match started somewhere around 1200 and it was all going fine, then I sprained my ankle bad :(. Was in the field for another 2-3 overs but couldn’t continue, back to pavilion. Regardless, we won the match. Excellent batting performance lead us to a easy victory \/.

Comming home, even though I was limping bad, I was asked to go to a marriage function. I’m the only driver in da house and so watever may be my condition I have to take people where ever they want me to take them :|. aka Driver bratuku. I could do nothing but take them there, and the worst part, I was limping all time, all over the hall and everyone kept asking “wtf happened” …. blah blah blah. FSCK! I hate functions/gatherings aaarrgh!!!

Anyway, I have been driving for the last 8 months and I can call myself an experienced driver. I have more than 5000kms of driving on the M800 (Maruti 800) and now I also have a 100kms exp on an Opel Corsa. Opel corsa.. hmm.. my aunt’s car, which she exchanged with the M800 coz she was going out of station for a while. Cool car, sexy susepsion and leather interiors. :|~~~.

The movie “The Cave” sucked ballz. Don’t watch it!. All you see are black pixels… its too dark, you can barely see anything. A Gay story and bad direction add to an already fuxed up movie.

Quote of the Day :

Cartman: This is killing me. The human body was not meant to move quickly like that.

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