Now thats what I call Rock solid Sability. My Lappy running 24/7 as a

  1. Primary file storage/retrieval server, via shared folders.
  2. httpd (Apache 2)
  3. IIS http server
  4. mysqld (Mysql 5)
  5. Bittorrent client (4 downloads with 40 live connections each)
  6. Proxy server (rare usage)
  7. Slax 10.2 on VMWARE (again running httpd, mysqld, sshd, vsftpd and more)
  8. Client with KAV running

All this on 512MB RAM and no crashes whatsoever, but mysqld kept hanging on slax, so much for stability on linux. It went through all possible ways of torturing, like flashget Malloc-ing 700MB space over the LAN, Parsing typo3 pages.. etc. Who says Windows is unstable!? hippies.

Quote of the day :

Mrs. Cartman: Doctor, did you find out what’s wrong with him?
Doctor: I’m afraid he’s running out of time.
Mrs. Cartman: Why, what’s wrong with him?
Doctor: It’s his time. It’s running out.
Mrs. Cartman: What can we do?
Doctor: Well, I suppose we can try a time transplant. I’ll have to call a specialist.

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