Sunday update

Schumacher is God.
Schumacher >>> Alonso
(The after effect of the 2006 San Marino Grand Prix)

Came home for the weekend as I had to finish all my pending works at any cost. Its literally impossible at my cousins place as there is NO table to do stuff on.

Roaming around in the city on my BJC-80 is fun (the BJC is also known as the “Bajaj Chetak” in some parts of the world). It is an amazing machine I say, 0-60kmph just under 1.5 minutes. With the helmet on and an iPod underneath, it is like MotoGP all over.

Sadly, the iPod met with an accident, it fell through the window of the college bus and was run over by a car. It still works! Only hitch is that the output is from a single speaker.

I have been hacking into my phone recently and it is amazing how much power the series60 phones have at their disposal. Its just a matter of time before I come back home and start developing for the Symbian platform.

The daily workout at the gym has finally produced some results. I lost 1 kg of my fat. It may be negligible when compared to the amount of fat I posses, but what is lost is lost!

San Marino GP roxored, enjoyed every lap.

/me starts packing to go back to the empty land.

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