The Bandwidth Curse

There is this person, who is always boasting about a 1-megabit connection he has under control, yet, I have never seen him download one byte over that. It is starting to raise concerns in the geek world (Arvind and myself). In a country like India, a 1-Mbit connection is a god given gift; it is a sin to leave it idle. As a result there is every possibility where he might fall under the “Bandwidth curse” (BWC), a dreadful curse which when cast will vanquish all available b/w but leave a mere dialup or a 64k to work with. Both excessive compulsive leechers and people, who do not download at all, are vulnerable to this curse. I live my life on a 64Kbit connection and I cannot see a 1Mbit connection left to rot like that.

As the great, E.T. Cartman once said, “For two billion dollars I could handle my Grandpa’s balls dude.” I would do the exact same thing or even more for a 1Mbit+ connection. Of course, discretion is necessary when using a public connection, but leaving it completely idle irks my brain. A 1MBit connection is a gateway to infinite resources and by resources; I mean Movies, Games, and TV Shows etc, not research papers, which we can read even via a dial-up (Which may be the main aim of the BWC).

Being a very victim of the BWC (excessive leeching version), I personally fear for his future.

For the love of god download something, I am bored.

PS: Dude take it easy/light I was just bored and couldn’t find any topic to write on. 😛

Quote of the Day:

Liane: Tucky tucky time, it’s the best time of the night.
Cartman: I love that song, Mom. Sing it again.
Liane: No, honey, Mommy’s gotta save her throat. I have to work tonight.
Cartman: Okay.

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