tHeSiD does it again

Yes! I have yet again utterly failed to do what I wanted to do, to complete all my works before the race today. Woke up late in the afternoon, ate lunch late around 2 pm, slept again for an hour and then sat in front of the TV to watch a thrilling race.

Now all the works I am supposed to do are “pending” and therefore a night out is necessary, again! Lame but it will help boost my average from 20/25 to somewhere around 23 if I do it all right. I guess its worth it.

The Vaio is up and running again, though it still doesn’t have a screen I put it on Wi-Fi and the reception from the router in the ground floor seems “very good” according to windows, which is proved by almost 10-11Mbps transfer speeds. The only way to control it is via Remote Desktop, which works like a charm. It once had a serious hardware issue, when Virat took it whatever process he ran took up 100% of the CPU. That vanished when I reinstalled the OS. At present though, everything in it is up-to-date software, including Windows with all the patches and bug fixes drives etc. Microsoft Update is a great tool and so is Kaspersky 6.

Linux is so user-unfriendly, in windows, you plug in the WLAN card and all is taken care off. If the network has DHCP, there is nothing else to be done, instant connectivity! In Linux, everything you have to do is through a CLI. You have to install a software emulator called ndiswrapper that “implements Windows kernel API and NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) API within Linux kernel”, then find a working windows driver for the card, and then tell ndiswrapper to emulate that driver and then reboot. But then again it does not work! You then go through infinite forums to find what the problem exactly is, and then you find that there is a windows driver specifically written to work with ndiswrapper and only in Fedora. You use that driver and then reboot again it seems to work. “ifup” generally throws some error messages in the beginning but editing some conf files will finally start a wi-fi on Linux.

Linux still has a long way to go; it is nowhere near windows. With the 2.6 kernel being the most bugged kernel, I would like to wait for a long time before I even think of working on that OS.

Quote of the Day:

Liane: Eric, why would you do such a thing?
Cartman: I’m sorry I handcuffed Billy Turner’s ankle to the school flagpole.
Mackey: You know that’s not the point!
Cartman: Okay, I’m sorry I handcuffed Billy Turner’s ankle to a flagpole and then gave him a hacksaw. And then told him I had poisoned his lunch milk and that the only way he could get to the antidote in time would be to saw through his leg.
Liane: That’s very naughty, Eric.
Cartman: Well he called me chubby!

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