Woohoo I now have a Sony Clié

While searching for an USB cable for my aunts Digicam, I found an adapter rated 5.2V. I searched through my database of electronics, and found nothing. After a while, when I was arranging my drawers I found an old Sony Clié, burried away in hundreds of CDs, instantly my brain mapped the query for the 5.2V DC adapter to the Sony Clié. Without hesitation I connected the two and the next moment it started up with “Palm Powered”.

It has some basic apps and some utilities. The best thing is the touch screen, its the first time I handled a device with a touch screen. Its fast and fun to operate. The slylus is light and makes writing a lot easier.

Here are its Specs :

  • Model : PEG-TJ27
  • OS : Palm OS 5 (v5.2)
  • CPU : 200MHz i.MXL Application Processor
  • Memory : 32MB RAM (Approx 23MB available), 16MB ROM, 128 MemoryStick.
  • Interface : USB, Infrared (IrDA 1.2), Memory Stick Slot
  • Display :TFT Color display with backlight, 320×320, 65,536 Colors
  • Battery : Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery, Life : 10 days approx. on one charge
  • Size(H*W*D) : 4 1/2 * 3 * 17/32 inches
  • Weight : Approx 5 oz incl stylus

A 200MHz proccessor withg 32MB RAM is impressive, making it almost as powerful as my old 266 celeron system. But the question remains, What can I use it for? I already have a l33t cellphone with a l33t camera and lots of PIM apps and more. It has no audio capabilities and supposedly can play videos, without sound. 😐 Games may be one use :D.

I am still facing problems trying to interface it with my PC as I dont have the Install CD that came with it. Googled for hours and didnt find the software required (Palm Desktop for Sony Clié). May be searching the underground areas might work.

No doubt its another formidable addition to my list of gadgets but may end up being one of the most useless.

talking of Gadgets, here is a list of all gadgets I currently own/have.

  1. Nokia 6670
  2. iPod Shuffle 512MB
  3. Yashica 2MP Cam. (Dosent work)
  4. Sony Clié PEG-TJ27
  5. Sony Vaio PCG-FRV25 (laptop but also a gadget :D)
  6. A Panasonic ultra-sleek ultra-small walkman. (This thing is the most advanced walkman youll ever see and the smallest, its the same size as a cassette box!)
  7. Panasonic discman (non-mp3)
  8. 2x Digital Organizers (Videocon & Casio)

Thats it I guess.

Today turned out to be a lot of fun @ coll, budding love stories are always are. I dont wanna disclose anything for now, I’ll do it when its public. Gunz also cracked me up with this

Me: 1
Gunz: Me Messed with sys clock…..
Me: ?!
Gunz: scheduled tasks did not run…..
Gunz: comp downloaded till 11 in morn :((
Me: =))
Me: bwahahha
Gunz: :((
Me: how much downloaded?
Gunz: 200Mb maybe
Gunz: only 1 day was left
Gunz: hope it does go too much over the 1gig limit
Gunz: Me gonna start saving b/w
Gunz: hope it doesnt exceed 1 gig :
Gunz: my father is gonna have a field day…..if it exceeds

Quote of the Day

Chef: Children, uh, what’s the one thing that’s more sacred to a man than anything else in the world?
Stan: Uh, bicycles?
Cartman: Ham?
Kyle: No, not ham, you fat fuck!
Cartman: Screw you! It’s ham, isn’t it?

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