Word 2007 Test

Well just installed Office 2007, don’t ask where I did get it from. Its amazing though. It looks great, feels great, and is much easier to use. Being an irregular Blogger I was always interested in applications integrating blogging, long ago found one or two but they weren’t that easy that they could replace the web UI altogether. Word 2007 has it built in now, so its nice that I can write blogs offline save them and then post them. There is one down side to all this though, all the new office applications are huge memory hogs, and even Outlook takes a lot of memory. Even on the monster with 1.5G Dualchannel DDR400 it feels sluggish. Maybe I have to defrag and optimize my sys to see if its any better.

Also finished downloading the new Windows Vista RTM and I’m dying to test it, but there is no way in hell that I would do it on the monster, so lined up Vik’s and my dad’s sys to test it. Wait, dad’s systems got only 512M RAM, damn it, VIK your sys is my only test bed now don’t let me down!! I shall get back to playing NFS Carbon now. Yes yes I have exams, screw them. Its Advanced data structures exam the day after anyway. It is an area where I’m so good that if you wake me up in deep sleep and ask me some strange question in that subject I’ll probably answer it.

In the end overall reviewing of Office results in a 8/10 rating from me. Good job M$! hope your Vista is better.

“Why does this happen every month? It seems like right about the same time every month, Kyle’s mom gets a hair up her @ss about something, and I always end up getting screwed by it.” – Cartman

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  1. If you want to test it on my system you will have to wait…and get your own harddrive, I am not gonna let you use my space. btw how did the exam go?

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